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Teddies Liberated Secret Challenge Guide


Fortnite is full of secret challenges, and one of this season’s unlisted challenges is to Save the Bears. This guide explains how you can Save the Bears and have the Teddies Liberated. We’ll explore where on the map you need to be and what you need to do in order to complete this challenge.

Teddies Liberated (Libearation) Secret Challenge Guide

If you’re reading then, you’ve likely already completed the first parts of the Ted Offensive secret challenge like finding the honey jars. For the Teddies Liberated quest, you will need to head back to the base where it all started.

To refresh your memory, you will need to go west and a tad bit north of Weeding Woods. Here’s a map with a marker in the exact location you want to be.

 Teddies Liberated (Libearation) Secret Challenge Location
Teddies Liberated (Libearation) Secret Challenge Location

You will see a log cabin at this location, and you’ll want to head inside the front door. Interact with the bookcase in the corner of the first floor and drop down into the secret room.

To your left, you will see a room full of teddy bears. All you need to do for this quest is to go inside that room and interact with the bears. After doing that, you should get a prompt indicating you’ve completed the ‘LIBEARATION’ quest.

Your reward for completing this Save the Bears challenge will be 15,000 XP. Check back here to stay updated on more secret Fortnite challenges as they become available.

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