Fortnite Honey Jar Locations

One of this week’s walkthroughs is for The Ted Offensive Secret Challenge Guide. In this challenge, players need to first find the Ted Offensive Plans. After that, five jars of honey will spawn throughout the map which players must also find.

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First, we need to find the Ted Offensive Plans.

The Ted Offensive Plans Location

Head northwest of Weeping Woods to the house that’s sitting just west of the river.

Here you’ll find a bookshelf you must interact with to reveal a secret underground location. Walk inside and destroy the steel door. To your right, you’ll see a bunch of teddy bears sitting around a table. Go near them to discover the Ted Offensive Plans.

Jar of Honey Location #1

Head north of Pleasant Park to the location marked on the map below. The tree the marker is placed on is where we want to be.

Next to the tree, you’ll see the first jar of honey. Walk up to the jar of honey and interact with it. You’ll see a 1/5 progress for the “FOR THE BEARS!” challenge.

Jar of Honey Location #2

North of Frenzy Farm, there’s a group of more farm buildings. Head there and look for the trees to the west.

To the left of the white house, there will be a jar of honey in front of one of the trees. This is the location for the second jar of honey.

Jar of Honey Location #3

From Frenzy Farm, head southeast between the river and the road to the location marked on the map.

Again, check up against the tree on the marked location to find the third jar of honey. Get ready to keep heading south for the next honey jar.

Jar of Honey Location #4

South of The Agency and east of Weeping Woods there’s a dirt road. Head to the marked location just south of the dirt road. This is the fourth jar of honey.

You’ll see the jar of honey sitting next to a tree around the marked location, surrounded by a bunch of apples.

Jar of Honey Location #5

For the final jar of honey, we’ll want to land between Salty Springs and Holly Hedges. Check the map for the exact location.

The’s a small pond here surrounded by a few trees and a house. To the west side of the pond, you’ll find the honey next to the tree.

Those are all the Honey Jar locations for this week’s challenge, required for The Ted Offensive Secret Challenge.

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