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Super Snail Codes

Use these codes to help get the upper hand on the Demon Gods of the future.

Taking down Demon Gods is just another Tuesday afternoon in the latest idle RPG, Super Snail. Taking on the role of a lone snail who survived the end of the world, it’s up to you to put things back the way they were. The game encapsulates everything you could want in an idle mobile RPG. From forging powerful weapons to interacting with real-life icons of the past, no situation is too dire for our friendly neighborhood snail. This article covers Super Snail codes that are currently available, as well as ones that have already expired.

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Codes for Super Snail provide players with a plethora of resources, as well as lottery tickets to use on the snail wheel. The snail wheel, found on a desk in the right side of the laboratory room, helps players earn pretty much everything. From resources, to relics, to even super organs. Utilizing the gacha system in Super Snail offers exponential benefits and rewards even if one isn’t blessed by RNG.

All Super Snail Codes List

Super Snail Codes (Working)

This list will be updated as more codes become available/expire, so be sure to check back here with every new update.

  • SMIGY: Rewards (New)
  • PARASNYTE: Rewards (New)
  • SOLO LASERING: Rewards
  • STATUE OF GAWD: Rewards
  • ROGUE ASSET: Rewards
  • APOC MAGE: Rewards
  • MORBIN TIME: Rewards
  • GONNA MORB: Rewards
  • ID WIN: Rewards
  • KEWL HAIRCUT: Rewards
  • FASHION: Rewards
  • EVERY SNAIL: Rewards
  • ALL AT ONCE: Rewards
  • HIYAAA: Rewards
  • RAMEN: Rewards
  • MONKE ATTACK: Rewards
  • THIS IS BHARATA — Unlocks: Rewards
  • MADNESS? — Unlocks: Rewards
  • ALMOST A SMILE — Unlocks: Rewards
  • 2 HANDS 2 POCKETS — Unlocks: Rewards
  • SKIBIDI SNAILER — Unlocks: Rewards
  • New Year Same Snail — Unlocks: Rewards
  • 2023 Showing — Unlocks: Rewards
  • 2024 Around — Unlocks: Rewards
  • SNAIL BEFORE 2023 — Unlocks: Rewards
  • SNAIL AFTER 2023 — Unlocks: Rewards
  • SNAILRUNNER 2049 — Unlocks: x2 Lottery Ticket and x777 B-Tadpole
  • FEELSSNAILMAN — Unlocks: Lottery Ticket and a Golden Pickaxe
  • UNLEASH HELLAS — Unlocks: Rewards
  • TWO SNAIL JACKS — Unlocks Rewards
  • GIGASNAIL — Unlocks: Rewards
  • SNAIL CHAD — Unlocks: Rewards
  • ME AND THE BOYS — Unlocks: Rewards
  • AFTER PLAYING SNAIL — Unlocks: Rewards
  • NETHRONE — Redeem for rewards
  • KEMET — Unlocks: rewards
  • SNAILMAIL — Unlocks: rewards
  • BLAZER — Unlocks: Rewards
  • GREEDISGOOD — Unlocks: Rewards
  • LOOSE — Unlocks: Rewards
  • GOOSE — Unlocks: Rewards
  • SUCKER MOSQUITO — Unlocks: Rewards
  • PET PIG — Unlocks: Rewards
  • TURTLE NINJAS — Unlocks: Rewards
  • PUPPERS — Unlocks: Rewards
  • SNUPPIES — Unlocks: Rewards
  • DOGFUSION — Unlocks: Rewards
  • AWESOMENESS — Unlocks: Rewards
  • SNAILZER — Unlocks: Rewards
  • MUTATED — Unlocks: Rewards
  • NEBULA PACK — Unlocks: Rewards
  • CHAN-HEE — Unlocks: Rewards
  • GODDESS — Unlocks: Rewards
  • SHELL YEAH — Unlocks: Rewards
  • MERCY — Unlocks: Rewards
  • ENTERTAINED — Unlocks: Rewards
  • SNAIL EGGS — Unlocks: 1x 2hr Offering Speedup
  • SNAIL PALS — Unlocks: 1x 2hr Offering Speedup
  • SCUTE — Unlocks: 50x Time Chest, 1x 1hr Travel Speedup
  • SNAIL CAVIAR — Unlocks: 1x ART-Fungus, 5x Blue Reagent, 500x B-Tadpole
  • REACT TO VOTE — Unlocks: 1x ATK-Fungus, 5x Blue Reagent, 500x B-Tadpole
  • SHELLTUBE — Unlocks: 30x Blue Reagent, 1x 1hr Travel Speedup
  • SNAIL CODE — Unlocks: 50x Time Chest, 1x 1hr Travel Speedup
  • ENJOY THE SNAIL CODES! — Unlocks: 10x Green Reagent, 1x 1hr Travel Speedup, 7777x B-Tadpole
  • BETASNAILS — Unlocks: 1x ATK-Fungus, 10x Green Reagent, 500x B-Tadpole
  • VIP000 — Unlocks: 100x W-Tadpole, 1x Lottery Ticket, 50x Time Chest, 50x Fungus Chest
  • VIP111 — Unlocks: 2x Lottery Ticket, 10x Green Reagent, 1x 2hr Offering Speedup, 777x B-Tadpole
  • VIP222 — Unlocks: 2x Lottery Ticket, 1x Trainee Scroll, 1x 2hr, Gene Speedup, 777x B-Tadpole
  • VIP333 — Unlocks: 2x Lottery Ticket, 1x ATK-Fungus, 1x 1hr Travel Speedup, 777x B-Tadpole
  • VIP444 — Unlocks: 1x Wish Coin, 1x 1hr Travel Speedup, 1x 1hr Gene Speedup, 777x B-Tadpole
  • VIP555 — Unlocks: 1x Wish Coin, 30x Time Chest, 30x Fungus Chest, 777x B-Tadpole
  • VIP666 — Unlocks: 1x Wish Coin, 2x Trainee Scroll, 10x Green Reagent, 777x B-Tadpole
  • VIP777 — Unlocks: 100x W-Tadpole, 3x Lottery Ticket, 3x Golden Pickaxe, 10x Eye of Medusa Frag.
  • VIP888 — Unlocks: 1x Wish Coin, 1x ATK-Fungus, 1x 1hr Offering Speedup, 777x B-Tadpole
  • VIP999 — Unlocks: 100x W-Tadpole, 1x Wish Coin, 2x Golden Pickaxe, 10x Glue
  • THANK YOU — Unlocks: 1x Wish Coin, 2x Lottery Ticket, 30x Blue Reagent, 1x 2hr Travel Speedup, 777x B-Tadpole
  • THANKS FOR BEING HERE ENJOY THE SNAILVERSE — 3x Lottery Ticket, 30x Blue Reagent, 1x 2hr Travel Speedup, 777x B-Tadpole

Super Snail Codes (Expired)

All of these codes have either been all used up, or they have been phased out of the current lineup of codes.

  • GASTRO GALAXY — Unlocks: In-Game Rewards
  • GIVEAWAYS — Unlocks: In-Game Rewards
  • MILESTONE — Unlocks: In-Game Rewards
  • NEW CONTRACTOR — Unlocks: In-Game Rewards
  • NEW HIRE — Unlocks: In-Game Rewards
  • LIVESTREAM — Unlocks: In-Game Rewards
  • SNAIL PAD — Unlocks: In-Game Rewards
  • PRE-REGISTRATION — Unlocks: In-Game Rewards
  • LIVE LAUGH SLIME — Unlocks: In-Game Rewards

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How to Redeem codes in Super Snail

Codes can be inputted once you’ve completed the decently beefy tutorial section of the game. You’ll want to follow these instructions if you are to gain an upper edge against the deadliest Demon Gods in Super Snail.

Super Snail codes instructions
  1. Launch Super Snail on your mobile device.
  2. Select the Cog Wheel in the top right-hand side of the screen.
  3. Click on the Snail Code option in the second row, opening the Matter Teleporter.
  4. Enter working codes in the Snail Code text box (can input up to 50 codes at a time).
  5. Select Confirm in the bottom left-hand side of the screen to claim your rewards.

How can you get more Super Snail codes?

Developers at Qcplay Limited have gone above and beyond to when it comes to distributing new codes for Super Snail. The majority of codes can be found from the official Super Snail Discord, having a whole channel exclusively for new codes. Other than that, posts on their Twitter account, and livestreams held on their YouTube channel from time to time will distribute new codes. There’s no shortage of avenues for people looking to snag some extra bonuses.

Why are my Super Snail codes not working?

There may come a time when you attempt to input a code, only to find that it comes up as being invalid. This could be caused by a few different issues. Make sure you are inputting the code exactly as it is typed, taking into account spacing and special characters. Furthermore if you’ve confirmed that none of the previous solutions have solved your issue, the code may be newly expired. Making it all that more important to check back here from time to time.

Other ways to get free rewards in Super Snail

If you’ve exhausted all the codes you can find here, and are still searching for more rewards, there are a few things you can make sure and double check. Namely, you’ll want to take advantage of the idle rewards you receive over time in the game. These will fill up over real-world time, increasing the quantity of rewards the longer you let it build up. Players can also look to the Lucky Voucher section of the gacha snail wheel to earn more rewards. These items use the lucky voucher currency, which players will earn simply by drawing from the lottery. They can only be used in this shop, and will help players earn fragments to build even stronger relics. You can also keep an eye on new surveys that you can take in game, as they will provide you with rewards for answering questions.

What is Super Snail?

Super Snails codes promo shot

Super Snail is the latest idle RPG released by developers Qcplay Limited. With the world on the bring of apocolypse, the Goddess Gaia saves a lonely snail, sending you back in time to help prevent the end of the world. You can explore different destinations, investigate the world before the Demonic Demons destroyed it, and train up your snail. Utilizing the latest meme templates from our society, players can enjoy a silly story on their way across time.

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