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How to Change Time of Day in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

Who knew Tears of the Kingdom and a Hello Kitty mobile game would have things in common.

In any Animal Crossing-esque game, it important to have a variety of things to do and when to do them. Hello Kitty Island Adventure accomplishes just that. Throughout your time on Big Adventure Park, players will notice that the game has an in-game day/night cycle. This not only enhances the environment and experience around you, it open up more possibilities for new adventures. However, there might be certain things you’ll need to start or collect that can only be found during certain times of the day. So let’s take a nap and figure out how to change time of day in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

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How to Change Time of Day in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

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Implementing a similar system to games like Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, changing the time of day isn’t something the game tells you how to do. It’s very simple, and only requires a bit of furniture. To change the time of day in Hello Kitty Island Adventure, players need to rest in a bed. Beds are furniture in the game that you can acquire in a multitude of ways. The gift shop sells them, and some characters might gift you a bed the more you develop your friendship with them.

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Unfortunately, beds aren’t something that you can place or find anywhere. There’s building scattered around the island called Visitor Cabins, where players can place a bed and rest. If there is already a visitor in the cabin, you might not need to buy/craft a new bed at all. You can simply kick the visitor out of their house and commandeer their bed for your needs. When you rest in a bed, you’ll have the choice of waking up in the morning, evening, or nighttime. A useful feature if you’re looking to catch some sneaky critters who only come out in the dead of night.

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