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Sun Haven Museum Location

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sun haven museum
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Museums are a valuable source of both culture and knowledge, and any proper town is pretty much obligated to have at least one. Of course, you can build a fancy place and call it a museum, but it doesn’t really count unless it has exhibits. I think Sun Haven’s museum could use a little assistance, yes? Here’s what you need to know about the museum in Sun Haven, including where to find it.

Sun Haven Museum Location

The Sun Haven museum serves as the small town’s fount of knowledge, educating the populace about local flora and fauna, fascinating geological discoveries, and the wonders of the nearby lakes and oceans. Or at least it’s supposed to do all that, but its exhibits are completely empty, which is where you come in.

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The museum can be accessed at any time you have run of the town. The building itself is located on the eastern side of the town square, immediately north of the library and a short ways south of the old lady who sells plushies. The first time you enter, you’ll spot the lead curator, Covington, in a conversation with a representative of the neighborhood association, who informs him that he can’t join with an empty museum. After he leaves, talk to Covington at the desk and offer to help, and you’ll be inducted into the Sun Haven Museum Society.

How to Donate Items to the Museum

sun haven museum stands
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After you’re inducted, Covington will give you free run of the museum’s three halls. Each hall is full of empty stands, which you need to fill up with exhibits. The halls and their general contents are:

  • The Hall of Gems: Geology department, houses gems and interesting rock samples from nearby mines and quarries
  • The Hall of Culture: Culture and natural department, houses flora samples, local crops, and artifacts from nearby ruins
  • The Aquarium: Aquatic department, houses fish, fishing equipment, and sunken artifacts

The stands in each hall are broken up into “bundles,” which represent either a particular theme or a location. For instance, the Winter Crops Bundle in the Hall of Culture is for harvested plants and local delicacies that are available during the winter season, while the Bars Bundle in the Hall of Gems is for ingots of various metals. You can see which Bundle needs what by interacting with the plaque in front of them, which brings up both the missing items and your pack. If you have any items that can be donated to the Museum, just drag them from your pack and drop them into the corresponding slot in the Bundle screen. If you were wondering whether there’s a way to donate items en masse, there, unfortunately, isn’t; you need to manually inspect the Bundle plaques and drag in the items yourself.

Whenever you find something interesting in a particular area of the game, make sure to visit the museum to see if there’s a section for that area and if they’re looking for anything in particular. Keep donating samples, and you’ll have a proper museum on your hands in no time!

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