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How to Get Hot Sauce in Sun Haven

Let's spice things up.
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Hot sauce culture fascinates and terrifies me. I can’t think of any other condiment that people will brave actual bodily harm to get a taste of. In Sun Haven, you’ll have to brave a different kind of bodily harm to get some hot sauce, though ironically, it’s not mouth or stomach pain you have to worry about. Here’s how to get hot sauce in Sun Haven.

How to Get Hot Sauce in Sun Haven

In Sun Haven, hot sauce is a collectible resource item. Despite what you may expect, you can’t actually use it as a condiment, though that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its uses. Hot sauce is potentially very important for your character’s continued development, not to mention completing certain quests and unlocking certain tools.

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So where can you get this spicy condiment? Despite the fact that it’s pre-bottled, you can’t buy hot sauce in any stores in town. Hot sauce can only be obtained as a dropped item from the red Scorpepper monsters that hang out in Beachside. They don’t have any unusual abilities, though they do spawn at level 13, so make sure you’re not too underleveled to take them on.

What Can You Do With Hot Sauce?

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Hot sauce has three primary applications:

  • Fulfilling quests
  • Creating Combat Skill Tomes
  • Creating special fishing bait

Some NPCs will request some hot sauce to complete side quests in Sun Haven proper. One example of this is the quest Turn Up The Heat, in which the Tavern proprietor, Ronald, asks you to bring him a bottle of hot sauce.

More importantly, hot sauce is one of the potential ingredients required in the creation of Combat Skill Tomes at an anvil. As the items required to make new Skill Tomes at an anvil change daily, this isn’t guaranteed, but if the anvil does need hot sauce, it could require as many as 64 bottles at once if you’re unlucky.

Finally, hot sauce is used in the creation of two special types of fishing bait in the compost bin. By combining two bottles of hot sauce and a worm, you can make Spicy Fishing Bait, which raises the odds of finding rare fish and increases your fishing skill by 15 for one hour in exchange for raising the speed of the fishing slider by 25%. If you add a fire crystal into the mix, you’ll create Really Spicy Fishing Bait, which raises your fishing skill by 25 and increases your odds of finding rare fish in exchange for raising the speed of the fishing slider by 50%.

Much like in real life, hot sauce is a rather circumstantial condiment in Sun Haven. You’re never quite sure when a need for it will arise, but when it does, you’ll be glad you had some on hand.

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