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How to Upgrade House in Sun Haven

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Meet Sun Haven, the fantasy farming simulator, combining the RPG formula of fighting off fantastical foes whilst simultaneously being a committed farmer inside the simulation. It is Stardew Valley meets Chained Echoes. Choose your Race and customize your world to fit your fantasy brought to life within Sun Haven. From total control with character customization to upgrading your House through its Tiers. Starting off as a little item in your Pocket, place your Home anywhere to get your journey in Sun Haven officially started. For those looking to upgrade their humble abode, this guide will show you how to upgrade your House in Sun Haven.

How to Upgrade your House in Sun Haven

Your House in Sun Haven begins in Tier 1, as a classic Animal Crossing-style rectangle room. Whilst customization comes in all forms, it will not be hard to make this place your own through the addition of household items. But for those looking for something grander, you are able to upgrade your House to another Tier. To do so however only requires a couple of steps.

Where to Otain the House Upgrade Blueprints

Firstly, players need to head to the Town Hall. You will want to talk to Emmett, the member of staff locating on the right-hand side of the Front Desk. Here you will have the ability to purchase a House upgrade with a cost of 10,000 Gold. If you have the money to purchase you will obtain the House Blueprint. What you need to do in order to successfully upgrade your House is to transfer the Blueprint over onto the Construction Table. If you do not have this yet it is simple to make; all you require are 25 Wooden Planks and 50 Stone. You can craft this Table via the Crafting Table itself, with a very similar build to the Terraria Crafting Table.

How to Build the House Upgrade

Now that you have everything you need to start your Build, use the House Blueprint to construct your Tier 2 Upgrade. From here, you will need to be standing next to your House in order for the upgrade to take place. Now that you have a new room to customize, you can begin the process of obtaining 30,000 Gold for the Tier 3 House Upgrade. This offers players a total of four rooms, with the House width being doubled from the Tier 2 House. Just like that, your House is fully upgraded with an appearance of the TARDIS – the interior is far greater than the exterior.

That is how to upgrade your House in Sun Haven, we hope this guide provided some useful information for you when getting started in this new fantasy, farming RPG. We have other Sun Haven content available, with more soon to be added for your progression in the world of Sun Haven.

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