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State of Survival Codes (February 2023)

The latest State of Survival codes list for free in-game items like Biocaps, frags, and more

State of Survival is a mobile survival game from KingsGroup games. The goal is pretty simple, as you’ll need to do whatever it takes to stay alive in this post-apocalyptic zombie-infested world. Take on the journey solo, fight against other survivors, and see if you can be the hero the people need to end the plague. You can claim some in-game freebies and get a headstart with these State of Survival codes.

Redeem State of Survival codes for exclusive in-game rewards and items like hero fragments, hero badges, survival necessities, and lots more. Codes tend to expire quickly, so it’s best to check back often and use any when you see them active. You can bookmark this page with CTRL+D and check back daily for new updates.

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State of Survival codes

We have the latest State of Survival codes list, which you can use to redeem free in-game rewards. The rewards can include anything from survival necessities to more epic in-game items like fragments. The codes expire quickly, so make sure to use them while they last!

Latest Working State of Survival codes

Last checked: January 10, 2023

  • wegothedistance — Unlocks: 500x Biocap, 1x Epic Search Map, 10k Metal, 10k Food, 10k Wood, and 1 hour Speedup (New)
  • Happy2023Survivors — Unlocks: 300x Biocap, 1 Hour Speedup, 1k Metal, 1k Food, and 1k Wood (New)
  • ProjectDominion1205 — Unlocks: 500x Biocap, 1k Metal, 1k Food, 1k Wood, 5m Speedup (New)
  • sos1234 — Earn 500x Biocaps, 1x Epic Search Map, 5x Rusty Fragments, 40x 1k Gas Tickets, 40x 1k Metal Tickets, 40x 1k Food Tickets, and 40x 1k Wood Tickets. (New players only)

Expired codes

  • reservoirleague1119
  • Sosqaformay
  • PetDay
  • AKB48
  • lucky2022
  • treasure2022
  • Nanami2022
  • 331next
  • 329duck
  • 324Drives
  • Spring322
  • Nanamistatue
  • SaturdayPLASMA
  • 317UMA
  • 315pass
  • Soslovecode
  • sunday0317
  • jpsos14daspecial
  • saikou0315
  • SOS2022IWD
  • Nanami2022
  • hinamatsuri0303
  • Lucky2022
  • treasure2022
  • NyanNyanNyan222
  • 224MoonLightMask
  • happy23rd
  • AngelWhisper217
  • 210ri
  • 28tori
  • TigerFahad
  • mendy0125
  • Japancoastguard118
  • J0ke1nthebox
  • 22dogfrank019
  • 2022hapy0102
  • luck777good666
  • Happy2022NY
  • ToRRLChampions2021
  • OtsuKaresama1228
  • SOS119
  • Bestxmasgift
  • Merikuri2022
  • Xmaswish4u
  • TokyoTower1223
  • Xword1221
  • Phx369Thechampions
  • Tell1216
  • Happyyearend
  • Antarctic1214
  • kujira1209
  • Snowfalling
  • Kobeko1207
  • Jpnspace1202
  • December1st
  • Mirin1130
  • Thanksgiving2021
  • feelgoodtue
  • Edinstvo2021
  • roughdaySOS2021
  • Halloween
  • AnniversaryBoss
  • Welcome2021
  • Mexicanaster
  • Hangulnal
  • 100mxbithday
  • gaecheonjeol
  • mapleleaves
  • survivaldaily
  • SOS100Mdownloads
  • Happy365days

How to redeem State of Survival codes

To redeem codes for State of Survival, follow these steps:

  1. Launch State of Survival on your mobile device
  2. Tap on your Profile icon on the top-left
  3. Click on the Settings button at the bottom-right
  4. Select the Gift Redemption option
  5. Enter a working code and tap on the Redeem button

The process to redeem codes is very straightforward. One thing to note is codes may be case-sensitive, so we recommend copying and pasting them directly from our list.

How to get more codes for State of Survival

To get more codes for the State of Survival game, you can follow the official Twitter @state_survival. The team posts game updates, announcements, and occasionally new codes on their social media. We also round up codes from all over the internet, so you can easily follow our list for updates.

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