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Slayers Unleashed Patch Notes – Update v0.054

A full look at the Slayers Unleashed patch notes and update log for every new version.
Slayers Unleashed Patch Notes - Update 0.40 (Sun Breathing)

Slayers Unleashed patch notes and update log generally include new breathing and blood demon arts, clans, and various game changes. Players can choose to become a Demon, Human, or Hybrid and utilize a combination of the above stats and powerful skills to become the strongest in the world.

Below you can find a list of all the recent Slayers Unleashed update logs and patch notes that the developers have rolled out in the last few weeks. The game generally receives several updates per week, so there’s always a lot to look through.

Make sure to check out our Slayers Unleashed codes page and bookmark it. Check back whenever there is an update, and we will have the latest codes for you all in one convenient location!

Slayers Unleashed Patch Notes and Update Log

v.051 Update Log and Patch Notes

  • Made Kokushibos RNG better meaning he won’t spam moves as much
  • Fixed Kokushibos rage bar being at max when u enter (also fills up slower)
  • Decreased Doma’s stun time
  • Fixed The Server Kicking Issue
  • Fixed last skill of moon being spammable
  • Moon Haori fixed
  • Nerfed all of kokushibos damage by 15%
  • Fixed Kokushibo Nichirin bug
  • Made it easier to see in the boss fight
  • Lower level requirement to fight Him 150
  • Kokushibo cannot hit you from halfway across the map now
  • Fixed Moon breathing one-shot and two-shot moves
  • Fixed Demon regen and insect healing in Kokushibo
  • Nerfed his healing time so he doesn’t heal as much in a certain amount of time

v.050 Update Log and Patch Notes

v.045 Update Log and Patch Notes

  • Dark Thunder Breathing is now available
    • You must be a Hybrid to reroll this breathing
    • If you have Dark Thunder and reroll race to Demon or Hybrid, Dark Thunder turns into Thunder Breathing (you will get back the points you’ve spent on Dark Thunder)
    • 6 Skills, same as Thunder Breathing with shorter cooldowns, faster recovery time, more damage
  • Lowered Serpent Breathing’s Serpent Slide Venom damage due to it being overpowered

v.043 Update Log and Patch Notes

  • New Serpent Hashira (Iguro Obanai) boss fight is out!
  • 2 Drops:
    • Obanai’s Haori (10% overall dmg reduction and 10% Venom dmg reduction) (10%)
    • Serpent Blade (applies Venom effect on hit) (5%)
  • Whenever his Venom bar fills up, he gets healed for a percentage of his Maximum Health.
  • Fixed Akaza’s Crown Splitter not working
  • Reduced the stun time after using Thunder Breathing skills
  • Fixed not being able to complete boss quests
  • Buffed Flame Breathing damage
  • 2XP is now active!

v.042 Update Log and Patch Notes

Breathing Arts

  • Added Serpent Breathing (6% Reroll Chance)
    • 3 Skills
      • Serpent Slash
      • Coil Move
      • Serpent Slide


  • Added Iguro Clan (5% reroll chance)
    • Increases the damage over time of the Venom effect by 25%


  • Fixed boulders not giving exp if you have Sun Breathing
  • Fixed Compound Eye
  • Fixed Blood Curdle not dealing damage
  • Fixed Stat Point Reset not giving points back

v.041 Update Log and Patch Notes

Breathing Arts

  • Added Doma Breathing Art (4% Reroll Chance)
    • 3 Skills
      • Frozen Loctus
      • Wintry Icicles
      • Scattering Lotuses


  • Fixed Flower Breathing for XBOX
  • Fixed Sun Effect appearing on swords for everyone (cosmetic bug)
  • Fixed Sun Breathing for both Mobile and Xbox
  • Removed Flame Breathing screenshake on popular demand
  • Fixed Compound Eye not dealing damage and buffed its hitbox
  • Fixed not being able to go over level 500 in certain worlds
  • Fixed Boss Drop Boost not being buyable (now buy it and get yoriichi s haori :haha:)
  • Fixed NPCs not spawning in certain zones
  • Increased the required to fight Yoriichi (from 50 to 500)
  • Changed Yoriichi Fight Level requirement to 150
  • Fixed Compound Eye being spammable
  • Final selection is now playable in 1-4 players

Buffs and Nerfs

  • Nerfed Sun Breathing (cooldowns & dmg)
  • Buffed Yoriichi’s Health

v.04 Update Log and Patch Notes

Sun Breathing Event (Yoriichi)

  • Yoriichi is now out. Fight him for rewards! 
    • Yoriichi’s Haori (1%): Damage Reduction 30% 
    • Sun Breathing (10% or 100% if you are Kamado) 
  • To fight Yoriichi, you need level 50+ and the Human race. Go to Sagiri Mountain and find Tanjiro to start the event. –
  • Buying the drop boost dev product in the Shop menu will double these rates! 

Sun Breathing 

  • First Move: Solar Dragon Haze 
  • Second Move: Dancing Flash 
  • Third Move: Sun Ray Thrust 
  • Fourth Move (Kamado only) : Flame Dance 

Bug fixes

  • We fixed Demon Sense and Demon Regen 
  • We fixed some skills that would do deal more damage than they should * 


  • Nerfed Insect and Blood healing 
  • Nerfed Blood Damage

Check back to this post whenever you need an update on what’s changed in the popular Demon Slayer Roblox game known as Slayers Unleashed.

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