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Slayers Unleashed: Breathing and Blood Demon Arts

The complete list of all Breathing and BDA in Slayers Unleashed, along with the roll chance and moves.
Slayers Unleashed Breathing Styles and Blood Demon Arts

Like the Kimetsu no Yaiba anime Slayers Unleashed is based on, players can get various Breathing Styles and Blood Demon Arts depending on their race. Many Breathing Styles and Blood Demon Arts are available in the game, with more coming every week in every update. Below, you can see the complete list of all Slayers Unleashed Breathing and Blood Demon Arts, along with the roll chance and all skills and move descriptions associated with them.

There are many different Slayers Unleashed Breathing Styles and Blood Demon Arts (BDA) to roll for in the game. Some are rarer than others, and therefore much more powerful, as well. Depending on which race and clans you roll, you may be aiming for a specific Breathing or BDA to take advantage of your perks.

Make sure to check out our Slayers Unleashed codes for free rolls and stat resets that are updated daily.

Slayers Unleashed Breathing Styles

Here are all of the Breathing Styles in Slayers Unleashed:

Flower Breathing (10% Chance)

  • Floral Rush – Charges towards oppoent at a short distance.
  • Whirling Pedals – Spins towards opponent at a far distance.
  • Flower Blossom – Summon flowers towards an opponent at a far distance.
  • Vermillion Eye – Summon a Huge Flower towards the opponent at a short distance.

Insect Breathing (8% Chance)

  • True Flutter – Creates poisonous butterflies around your opponents.
  • Caprice – Creates a wind vortex around yourself.
  • Nectar Eye – Use Butterfly Nectar to heal yourself.
  • Compound Eye – Summon butterflies that unleash poisonous blasts.

Wind Breathing (2% Chance)

  • Whirlwind Cutter – Thrust towards your opponent creating Wind behind you.
  • Purifying Wind – Create a wind vortex around yourself.
  • Rising Hurricane – Release a huge hurricane that devours everything it touches.
  • Gale Slash – Release a huge wind blast in front of you.

Flame Breathing (2% Chance)

  • Unknowing Fire – Charges towards an opponent at high speed.
  • Rising Scorching Sun – Release an arching slash attack upwards.
  • Scorching Bound – Slam down in a fit of fire.
  • Blazing Universe – Rains down blazing fireballs.

Water Breathing (40% Chance)

  • Water Surface Slash – Create a powerful single concentrated slash.
  • Water Wheel – Leap and verticall spin forward in the air while releasing a flowing attack in a circular motion.
  • Whirlpool – Swings a blade in a way that mimics the movement of waves in water.
  • Piercing Rain Drop – Modified strike that hits in an arc from an angle to minimize the impact of a moving target.
  • Waterfall Basin – Cuts the target vertically.
  • Constant Flux – Continuous attack that increases in power with each rotation, creating a strong slash.

Thunder Breathing (10% Chance)

  • Thunderclap and Flash – Dash forward and slash with incredible speed.
  • Heat Lightning – A single, focused slashing attack.
  • Thunderclap and Flash Sixfold – A compilation of the first form with a series of six dashes.
  • Rice Spirit – Generate five straight attacks in a single movement.
  • Distance Thunder – Release ranged strikes toward a target.
  • Thunder Swarm – Generates a spinning wave that strikes all directions of the foe.

Beast Breathing (10% Chance)

  • First Fang – Strike players down with a thrust from your blade.
  • Second Fang – Unleash a double slash with your blade.
  • Spatial Awareness – Sense every human and demon around you taking 50% reduced damage from everyone for five seconds.
  • Whirling Fangs – Unleash a powerful tornado of slashes in front of you.
  • Spatial Slash – Unleash a powerful tornado of slashes in front of you.

Mist Breathing (4% Chance)

  • Distant Haze – Move forward and create wind around yourself.
  • Eight Layered Mist – Create mist slashes that hurt opponents.
  • Obscuring Clouds – Create mist clouds that blind opponents.
  • Lunar Disperse – Teleport to enemies close to you and slash them.

Sound Breathing (6% Chance)

  • Roar
  • Blade Reverb
  • Resounding Slashes

Sun Breathing (10% Chance, 100% Chance for Kamado)

  • Solar Dragon Haze – User fires off two Solar Dragons that track to the closest character to your mouse
  • Dancing Flash – User performs multiple dances in a row and strikes the closest character
  • Sun Ray Thrust – User thrusts their blade and calls down Slashes from the Sun

Moon Breathing (85% Chance for Tsugikuni, 50% Chance for Tokito)

  • Evening Palace – User fires off two Solar Dragons which track the closest character to your mouse
  • Loathsome Moon – User performs Multiple dances and strikes the closest enemy
  • Mirror of Misfortune – User thrusts their blade and calls down Slashed from the Sun
  • Moon-Dragon Ringtail – User spins the air and slashes down near the mouse cursor

Serpent Breathing (6% Chance)

  • Serpent Slash
  • Coil Move
  • Serpent Slide

Dark Thunder Breathing (15% Chance)

  • Dark Thunderclap
  • Dark Lightning
  • Dark Sixfold
  • Dark Spirit
  • Dark Thunders
  • Dark Thunder Swarm

Love Breathing (4% Chance)

  • First Love
  • Love Shower
  • Passion Grasp

Slayers Unleashed Blood Demon Arts

Here are all of the Blood Demon Arts (BDA) in Slayers Unleashed:

Doma (4% Chance)

  • Frozen Lotus – Summon ice spikes that stun the enemy.
  • Wintry Icicles – Summons frozen swords that target and stun nearby players.
  • Scattering Lotuses – Unleashes a flurry of frozen lotuses that stun the enemy.

Blood (7% Chance)

  • Blood Shot
  • Blood Shatter
  • Blood Curdle
  • Blood Siphon

String (12% Chance)

  • Thread Shot – Strike players down with your thread.
  • Thread Manipulation – Send a wave of threads toward your opponent.
  • Ensnare – Snares enemies in front of you.
  • Thread Lock – Lock your opponent in the air with threads.

Arrow (10% Chance)

  • Arrow Shot – Send arrows toward an opponent at high speed.
  • Arrow Crash – Release a charged up arrow explosion.
  • Arrow Parade – Release a bunch of arrows that push a player back.
  • Direct Force – Create a storm of arrows upon a hit enemy.

Tamari (30% Chance)

  • Ball Throw – Throw a ball at a target.
  • Foot Ball – Kick the ball at a target with their foot.
  • Multiple Throw – Throw a multiple ball at a target.
  • Six Arms – Throw six balls at a target location.

Swamp (30% Chance)

  • Swamp Vanish – Vanish into a puddle, appearing at the mouse’s location dealing damage if an enemy is above the swamp.
  • Swamp Clone Uppercut – Use a swamp clone to knock a player out.
  • Swamp Explosion – Build up swamp and let it explode causing AoE damage.
  • Swamp Tunnel – Build up swamp and let it explode, causing even more AoE damage.

Akaza (2% Chance)

  • Chaotic Type – Hit your opponent with multiple fist blades.
  • Annihilation Type – Shoot multiple air shock waves at your opponent.
  • Crown Splitter – Teleport to the closest opponent and kick them.
  • Air Type – Shoot a blast of air toward your opponent.
  • Flying Planet – Fly towards the closest opponent and punch them.
How to unlock Breathing Styles in Slayers Unleashed

How to unlock Breathing Styles in Slayers Unleashed

Everyone gets a random Breathing Style or Demon Blood Arts depending on their race. You will need a Katana to use it, though. The first step to unlocking a Breathing Style in Slayers Unleashed is to acquire a katana. You can pick one up in town for 100 Yen, which you can make by completing any quests. Next, head to the Katana Shop in town and speak with Prexxo. Pick a Katana from the rack on the wall, and then speak with Prexxo again to purchase it. These will cost you anywhere from 100 Yen to 600 Yen, depending on the quality. You can then level up and assign some of your stat points into better Breathing moves.

Remember, you can roll for more BDA or Breathing Styles and even reset your stats! Bookmark the page, because update it the moment new codes release.

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