Slayers Unleashed Clans

Slayers Unleashed Clans and Rarities

A complete list of Slayers Unleashed clans and their rarities, along with each clan's perks and specialties.
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Depending on the Breathing Style you want to go with, you will want to have the proper Clan to synergize with it. Players can roll for their clans in Slayers Unleashed, and some are rarer than others. The stronger ones with better perks are a lot less common. You can find a complete list of Slayers Unleashed clans and rarities below, along with an explanation of each of their benefits. 

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Currently, there are twelve clans in Slayers Unleashed, but the developers may add new ones in future updates. For now, this is the complete list, along with all of their rarities. The chance next to each Clan represents your odds of rolling for it. As we mentioned, the higher rarity ones are powerful, but you only have between a 1-5% chance of seeing it.

If you want to reroll your clan, check out our Slayers Unleashed codes page and bookmark it so you’ll always have the latest working ones. With those, you can reroll your clan five times or more with every content update. You also have the option of paying 75 Robux in-game to roll a new Clan.

All Slayers Unleashed Clans and Rarities

  • Tomioka Clan – 60% Chance
  • Urokodaki Clan – 40% Chance
  • Agatsuma Clan – 20% Chance
  • Kocho Clan – 15% Chance
  • Hashibira Clan – 10% Chance
  • Uzui Clan – 6% Chance
  • Tsuyuri Clan – 5% Chance
  • Rengoku Clan – 5% Chance
  • Iguro – 5% Chance
  • Shinazugawa Clan – 2% Chance
  • Tokito Clan – 2% Chance
  • Kamado Clan – 1% Chance
  • Tsugikuni Clan – 1% Chance

Tomioka Clan

The Tamioka Clan is the most common clan in Slayers Unleashed, and they get 20% bonus damage when using Water moves.

Urokodaki Clan

The Urokodaki is the second most common Slayers Unleashed clan, and they get a free Tengu Mask in their inventory.

Agatsuma Clan

Agatsuma Clan gets a 30% damage increase when using Thunder moves.

Kocho Clan

Kocho Clan gets 60% more damage when using Insect moves, but also does half as much damage when using a sword or normal combat moves.

Hashibira Clan

The Hashibira Clan gets 30% bonus damage when using Beast moves, as well as a 5% extra Stamina boost.

Uzui Clan

The Uzui Clan gets 30% bonus damage when using Sound Breathing.

Tsuyuri Clan

The Tsuyuri Clan gets 30% bonus damage when using Flower Breathing.

Rengoku Clan

The Rengoku Clan gets 30% more damage when using Flame and an extra 10% health bonus.

Iguro Clan

The Iguro Clan increases the damage over time of the Venom Effect by 25%.

Shinazugawa Clan

The Shinazugawa Clan gets 30% more damage when using Wind and gains 10% bonus damage with swords.

Tokito Clan

Tokito Clan gets 50% more Mist damage, 5% Stamina boots, and 5% Sprinting Speed boost.

Kamado Clan

The Kamado Clan gets double experience and 10% more damage on everything. They are also the only Clan that can use Sun Breathing.

Tsugikuni Clan

The Tsugikuni Clan gets double experience on everything as well as 10% more damage on everything like the Kamado clan. The only difference is they can use Moon Breathing.

That concludes the list of Slayers Unleashed Clans and rarities. If a new update comes that adds a new Clan, you can always check back to this section for more updates.

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