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Skins and cosmetics from Fortnite 13.30

Skins and cosmetics from Fortnite 13.30

The new Fortnite update has arrived, bringing with it tons of new cosmetics to be available in the shop. Data miners are hard at work, inspecting the files. One miner named Lucas7yoshi managed to get a complete list of all the skins and cosmetics from Fortnite 13.30.

The list includes a look at skins, backblings, emotes, harvest tools, and wraps you can expect to come to the store soon. We also have a Summer Bundle hitting the store with three of the new skins: Peely, Summer Fable, and Tropical Punch Zoey. 

Fortnite 13.30 Skins

  • Galaxy Scout
  • Tropical Punch Zoey
  • Summer Fable
  • Unpeely
  • Party Star, Diva, MVP
  • Dummy
  • Shore Leave
  • Barracuda
  • Waveripper
  • Sandshark Driver
  • Sizzle


  • Nucleus
  • Sour Swirl
  • Trapper Pack
  • Banana Cabana
  • Wrong Turn
  • Dune Tripper
  • Vanilla Whip
  • Tidal Hazard
  • Dive Hazard
  • Rocky
  • Chair
  • Tube Top

Emotes, Harvest Tools, Wraps

  • Stardust Strikers
  • Celestia
  • Gnomax
  • Tri-Hook
  • Sawtooth Slashers
  • Noggin
  • Iron Claws

Two new bundles will make their way into the game: Summer Legends Bundle, Ms Whip Bundle.

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