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Shindo Life Private Server Obelisk Codes

Check out these private server codes for Shindo Life's Obelisk Village!
Image via RELL World/Roblox

Shindo Life is an experience created by RELL World for the Roblox platform. In this game based on the Naruto anime, explore expansive worlds and battle powerful bosses to rank up and increase your skills! Obelisk Village is one of the seven main villages in Shindo Life. It is mostly made up of desolate, rocky areas, according to the game’s description.

In Obelisk Village, players can explore a variety of areas, including Kabu-Cobra’s Hideout, the Final Valley, the Arena, and the Damp Bone Forest. It seems to draw inspiration from the Land of Stone in the Naruto anime.

If you’re looking for private server codes for Obelisk Village, you’re in luck! We here at Gamer Journalist have compiled a handy list of private server codes for Obelisk.

Private Server Codes for Obelisk Village

These private server codes can only be used in Obelisk Village.

  • yTohAM
  • 4T_Z-T
  • jijX4t
  • OtPa1u
  • LVqe4e
  • q1WgWU
  • h-yai8
  • 0871W8
  • x9Dq7m
  • Ggp0nE
  • rOfCAJ
  • 1e5hNE
  • rQRWzE
  • LEZazq
  • YkJeg-
  • 2uvME2
  • gg6oUc
  • CzQgjE
  • 8QKlM_
  • KloPeq
  • gH8G8R
  • Lg8EtW
  • -xPyoM
  • uDFX5g
  • WEhhel
  • JhJhAg
  • yytumC
  • -RyBRU
  • -ZLVRJ
  • -o4Bg
  • -CE5hL
  • WLJUsz
  • kFsjxP
  • 0-RlPo
  • 08fugP
  • e5Afyg
  • HJTpmW
  • RNNfOE
  • sMnXVG
  • 0DSS3k
  • 0PHB-n
  • 0SJeS2
  • 1zvECA
  • 2Gsxy3
  • 2Hkuy9
  • 2QuxO
  • 2R-syc
  • 2o1Gms
  • 2oPciJ
  • 33vWTe

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Input / Redeem Private Server Codes?

To input and redeem private server codes in Shindo Life, follow these instructions:

  • Open Shindo Life in the Roblox app.
  • Travel to Obelisk Village.
  • Open the PLAYER MENU.
  • Select TRAVEL, then select PRIVATE SERVER.
  • Click on the text that reads: [Private-Server] and input the private server code.
  • Click TELEPORT.

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