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Rogue Company Dallas: How To Play & Build Guide

If you want to play as Dallas, we've got all you need to know on him.
Rogue Company Dallas Weapons

Rogue Company is an incredibly addictive title with tightly crafted gameplay and heroes worth playing as. Perhaps one of the best characters in Rogue Company, Dallas, is a skilled tracker and fighter, making him an essential part of any good team. There’s a lot that goes into playing as him so we’ll break down how to use him effectively and what perks/weapons work for the best build possible.

Rogue Company Dallas: How To Play & Build Guide

Coming from the Duelist category of characters, Dallas’ playstyle is that of someone who’s going to be an efficient killer as well as a tactician. We’ve covered another Duelist, Lancer, with her fast-paced combat and her own tactical advantages. But Dallas plays very differently than her.

When it comes to how this Duelist operates, hunting and tracking his prey is what he does best. His ability is called Target Finder and allows him to remotely reveal enemy locations in close vicinity for a short duration. This can come in handy for the team if you’re either staking out a bomb site or trying to plant yourselves.

So while he’s a great Duelist, he’s not going to want to be up-close and personal with enemies. His weapons serve a medium range in-game, allowing him some safe distance in his combat. Additionally, his ability gets a faster recharge when downing his enemies, making him a great character to use in order to hold down choke points, continuing to down enemies and target their locations with Target Finder.

As for his weapons, Dallas has the Riptide AR and the Devotion lever-action rifle. Either one of these is a good choice but I personally find the Devotion to be the better of the two, especially if you’re trying to hold choke points. His secondary is the LW6 Revolver which does a great amount of damage, even from a distance. When it comes to his gadgets, I typically use the Incendiary Grenade as it works great after spotting someone with his Target Finder ability.

As for perks, this can be a mixed bag. I typically start out small with his Armor perk which grants 25 armor on top of what you already have. After earning some more money as the rounds go on, I tend to save up a bit and purchase the Spotter perk which allows you to see enemy footprints and reveals their locations for 5 seconds after shooting them. Additionally, I’ll also buy the Crackshot perk since this goes really well with the Devotion as it gives a 15% increase in damage to headshots.

All in all, Dallas is a pretty well-rounded character which is why he’s such a good one to play as. Playing him as a hunter is definitely going to be your best bet since that’s what he was created for. Going in guns-blazing isn’t going to be the best approach but playing it slow and from a distance will get the job done.

That’s all there is to it when it comes to playing as Dallas! He’s a fan favorite for a reason and he’s a really exciting character to play as.

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