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Ronin Rogue Company: How To Play Guide

Ronin is a capable Duelist with quick reflexes.
Rogue Company Ronin Weapons

Rogue Company really does a great job of giving players a unique and diverse roster of heroes that just about any kind of player can enjoy. Whether you’re a team defender, someone who holds the line, or a player who likes to tread behind enemy lines, there are certainly many characters that fit into these types of playstyles. If you’re someone who likes to ambush the enemy with quickness and precision, players need not look any further than Ronin. With her speed, ability, and weapons, she’s a fantastic choice for those that want to take the battle to the enemy’s turf. Here’s how to play as Ronin in Rogue Company.

Ronin Rogue Company: How To Play Guide

Rogue Company Ronin Perks

Similar to Lancer, Ronin is a quick Duelist that, while not having the toughest guns out there, definitely makes up for it in speed and precision. She’s almost like a ghost on the battlefield, and her abilities roll into that idea perfectly. Her main ability is the Ballistic Knife which can either hit enemies directly for damage or be used as a trap of sorts that gets set off when an enemy is in its radius. Additionally, her passive ability is called Underground and keeps her hidden from enemy radar detection.

As I said, her weapons may not be the best, though they aren’t bad by any means. Personally, I go with her SL-C SMG over the KA30 AR because of the fact that the SMG is smaller, thus making it easier to get around and better for close-quarter confrontation. Her Spitfire Pistol is also a very good weapon and can easily be used as a main until you’ve unlocked the Perks you want ahead of an actual primary. As for her Gadget, I typically opt for the Grenade as opposed to the Smoke grenade. I just find it more useful.

Now we get into the fun; perks! I tend to start each match off big by going directly for an expansive perk, Bounce Back. This one gives your health regeneration a 3-second quicker start and increases all healing received by 30%. This really helps for quick, close-up fights. Then I turn my attention to Energized which recharges her ability 15% faster, Gunsmith which increases the magazine size and falloff ranges by 30%, Nimble Hands which makes reloads and weapon swaps 30% quicker, and lastly, I choose Stalker because it makes scoping movement speeds 25% faster.

Ronin is an incredibly skilled fighter so utilize her abilities as well as her quickness to your advantage. It’s a great choice to take a route around the enemy and flank from behind if you can. Additionally, when in close-quarters combat, utilize her rolling, and don’t be afraid to throw that Ballistic Knife. It helps not only against your combatant but can also be used to make sure you don’t get ambushed yourself during a fight. Trapping a door or entrance will be extremely useful to you in these instances.

That’s all there is to playing as Ronin in Rogue Company! Her playstyle is pretty straightforward and she’s one of the easier characters to master over time.

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