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Rogue Company Lancer: How To Play

Lancer gets the job done.
RC Lancer Profile

Rogue Company is an incredibly fun title to play if you enjoy the gameplay of an FPS but prefer a third-person camera perspective. It’s got fast, hectic gameplay, unique maps, and fantastic hero-like operators to choose from. All of which have their own fresh set of weapons and perks to make them each unique from one another.

Quite possibly one of my favorite heroes to play as during a session of Rogue Company has to be Lancer. She’s quick, efficient, and has a great set of weapons that further her gameplay style of being the fast combat tactician that she is. Today, let’s explain how to play as her so you too can really use her gameplay to the best of your abilities.

Rogue Company Lancer: How To Play

RC Lancer Weapons

In terms of who Lancer is a character, her playstyle is of the Duelist category which means she’s bred for confrontations where she’s most likely to outgun opponents. Specifically for her though, speed is the name of the game. She’s a very agile character and her perks specifically work perfectly for this type of gameplay. Her weapons, on the other hand, they’re a bit nerfed to make her a fair character to play as so that she isn’t entirely decimating the playing field.

Her weapons consist of two primaries; the 24S SMG and the Striker 8×10 shotgun. The 24S SMG is ranked as the third most damaging SMG but has a low count when it comes to the bullets that its magazine can carry. The Striker 8×10 is the fastest firing shotgun in the game and has the largest magazine as well. Though its damage and range are the lowest available and it has a long reload time. Additionally, her side-arm is the Spitfire pistol which has the fastest fire rate but has both the least damage and least range.

Lancer is very much considered a close-quarters character and her weapons echo this completely. She’s really a great person to play if you’re someone who wants to ambush the enemy team from behind or hold a choke point by maneuvering around the area quickly. And any of her weapons’ shortcomings are remedied as Lancer can actually reload even when rolling. This makes battles with her especially great as you’re always able to be on the move.

As far as her equipment goes, she’s able to use the Throwing Axe, Pop Smoke Grenade, and Semtex. I usually go with the Semtex for those times when I can’t really get into a battle too much because I’m either outgunned or low on health. The Throwing Axe though can be useful for quick chops to an enemy rounding a corner.

RC Lancer Perks

As for her ability, she’s able to use Quick and Quiet. This ability allows her to gain increased movement speed and quieter movement for a duration but it will turn off once she starts firing a weapon. Again, this ability works perfectly for those times when an enemy ambush can really help your team turn the tide of a battle.

When it comes to her perks, there are a few that really do a great job of improving what she does best. Starting out, I typically choose to purchase her 24S SMG and the Stalker perk as you’re able to hard scope a bit better. This comes in handy during firefights behind cover. After that, I tend to save as much money as I can to unlock the Life Drain perk so that this ensures I’m gaining health from downing. It actually gives you 60 health which can really come in handy since fights are so intimate with this character.

Once I have that, I back-track to some of the other perks such as Energized which recharges her ability by 30%, and Padded Steps which silences her sound. Both of these work with her ability perfectly and will allow you to use her to her fullest potential, making her the best stealthy assassin.

That’s how to use Lancer in Rogue Company. She’s fantastic to choose for those who, like me, enjoy fast-paced combat, the element of surprise, and springing on your enemies when they least expect it.

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