Texting Simulator codes – free Diamonds and Money (February 2024)

Roblox Texting Simulator is an adventure game for Roblox, where players start with an Ancient Rokia Phone and must upgrade their way to the best smartphone technology. We have a complete list of Roblox Texting Simulator codes, which you can use to earn free in-game diamonds and money. It’s a great way to earn in-game freebies without doing much, to help you get an edge on the competition.

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These Roblox Texting Simulator codes allow you to redeem currency, including free diamonds, Bitoneum, and money. Here’s a full list of working Roblox Texting Simulator Codes.

All Texting Simulator codes

  • APRILSURPRISE – 100 Diamonds, 1000 Money, 85 Bitoneum
  • FREEEGG – 500 Diamonds
  • ephonepro – 1000 Money
  • Spookytime – 1000 Money
  • HACKER – 500 Money, 250 Diamonds, 50 Bitoneum
  • beatsheadphones – 500 Money, 250 Diamonds, 50 Bitoneum
  • 100k – 100 Diamonds, 1000 Money, 100 Bitoneum
  • gamingstation – 1000 Money
  • rainbowpods – 500 Money, 250 Diamonds, 50 Bitoneum
  • GrinningEmoji – 1000 Money
  • TextingLord – 1000 Money
  • Emoji – 1000 Money
  • SoreThumbs – 1000 Money
  • Wireless – 100 Money, 10 Diamonds, 50 Bitoneum
  • Air – 100 Money, 10 Diamonds, 50 Bitoneum
  • Pods – 100 Money, 10 Diamonds, 50 Bitoneum
  • Textur – 1000 Money
  • SpecialSurprise – 1000 Money
  • GamePage – 250 Money, 25 Diamonds, 5 Bitoneum
  • RickyTheFishy – 100000 Money, 10 Diamonds
  • LovelyHearts – 2500 Money, 50 Diamonds
  • OneTheGram – 500 Money, 250 Diamonds, 50 Bitoneum
  • instagram – 500 Money, 250 Diamonds, 50 Bitoneum

Texting Simulator FAQ

How to redeem codes for Texting Simulator?

To enter these codes, you will want to look for the icon on the side of the screen that has a heart icon. Click on that and a Promo Codes window will pop up with a field for you to enter and redeem your codes. You can simply copy and paste the above codes in the Promo Codes box, or manually type them in by hand. After you enter the code, the green Redeem button needs to be hit.

What are Texting Simulator codes?

Codes are a free and easy way to earn in-game rewards. These codes all give you different types of currency. The three types of currency in this game are Money, Diamonds, and Bitoneum. You can use this currency to upgrade your character, buy accessories, and upgrade your technology. Money is used to upgrade your character and your technology. Diamonds are used to buy emojis and pets. Bitoneum is used to buy tech accessories.

Roblox Texting Simulator Codes May 2020

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Roblox is available for Android via the Google Play Store and iOS via the App Store, and also playable for Windows through the official Roblox website.

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