Roblox Ro-Slayers Codes: July 2020

Ro-Slayers is a free-to-play Roblox game where players choose between a Demon or Demon Slayer. If you pick a Demon, your job is to hunt and kill Demon Slayers. Choosing a Demon Slayer means your goal is to eliminate demons. To help you get started, we put together a list of all working Roblox Ro-Slayers codes for September 2020.

The list is completely working and up to date. Generally, these codes provide some free in-game currency and spins that will help boost your character. Other in-game items are available for purchase, and game passes can offer additional accessories.

Roblox Ro-Slayers Codes for September 2020

Here is a complete list of working codes for September 2020:

  • 140kLIKES: 3 free spins and 120 yen

Another new Ro-Slayers code releases at 150,000 likes. Please check back at a later date for an updated list of working Ro-Slayers codes. We keep the list up-to-date whenever a new promo is released.

Codes come and go, and the following are all expired. 

  • 130kLIKES: 3 free spins and 120 Yen
  • 120kLIKES
  • 110kLIKES
  • 100kLIKES
  • 90kLIKES
  • 80kLIKES
  • 70kLIKES
  • 60kLIKES
  • 50kLIKES
  • 40kLIKES
  • 30kLIKES
  • 20kLIKES
  • 10kLIKES

How to Redeem Ro-Slayers Codes

To redeem promo codes in Ro-Slayers, start up your game and login. When inside the game, you will see an area on the bottom left of the screen after the character creation process. You can copy and paste or enter a code into there and submit it.

If you are already in a game, go to the menu and hit the settings option to get to the promo code window. Enter your code in there and hit enter to receive your rewards.

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