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Roblox – what are the most popular games?

Most Popular Roblox Games by Player Count

Roblox is home to thousands of different experiences created by its very own developers. Some of these experiences are so fun and addicting that they are home to hundreds of thousands of daily active players. The most popular games are always changing depending on what’s trending and who’s putting out new content for their experiences. However, a few of them are usually consistently on top. Here’s a look at the most popular Roblox games by player count.

Sorting through the most popular games from the Roblox website is not always the easiest thing to do. The stats they provide are not in order, and sometimes it isn’t easy to see what games are trending. Aside from sorting by the “popular” category, it can be tough to decipher.

Here’s a list of the most popular Roblox games by player count as of August 4, 2021:

Adopt Me!193,230
Murder Mystery 2119,996
Royale High90,381
Anime Fighters Simulator89,388
Pet Simulator X79,004
Wacky Wizards69,644
Tower of Hell60,770
Blox Fruits57,288
Funky Friday55,252
Twilight Daycare50,103
Shindo Life39,181
Tower of Misery38,288
Da Hood35,456
Your Bizarre Adventure35,228

The top Roblox games change often depending on new updates, content, and news. Whenever an existing game receives a major update, players gain interest in it again, and popularity skyrockets. If you are ever curious about what the top games are by player count, you can bookmark this page and check back frequently.

What is the most popular experience on Roblox?

The most popular experience at the moment is Brookhaven RP followed closely by Adopt Me. Brookhaven is an experience where players can meet up with friends and roleplay in their houses, drive cool vehicles, and explore the city. Adopt Me is a family-friendly game where players can raise and dress cute pets, decorate their house, and play with friends.

How many concurrent users are on Roblox?

As of July 2021, Roblox has around 200 million active monthly users. The overall userbase continues to increase month over month as new games release and Roblox gains more exposure.

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