Roblox Anime Fruit Simulator
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Roblox Anime Fruit Simulator Codes (January 2023)

Who says fruit can't be powerful?

Roblox Anime Fruit Simulator is an RPG game where you will battle enemies while being boosted with fruit powers. As you progress, you will unlock new areas, get pets and hoverboards, and deal more damage. In-game currency includes coins, gems, and fruit spins which will allow you to make purchases to improve your character.

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Codes in Anime Fruit Simulator will often give you a bit of all three currencies to get you started. By spending coins, you can hatch eggs and buy pets, and gems will allow you to purchase fruit and unlock new zones, and fruit spins are used for getting upgraded and stronger fruit. If you enjoy Roblox fruit games, you should definitely check out Roblox Fruit Battleground.

All Anime Fruit Simulator Codes List

Anime Fruit Simulator Codes (Working)

These are all codes that are currently working for Roblox Anime Fruit Simulator.

  • TWITTERgang!—Unlocks: 10 fruit spins, 1500 gems, and 3000 coins reward.
  • WelcomeToFruitSim—Unlocks: 10 fruit spins, 1000 gems, and 3000 coins reward.
  • IWantSpins:)—Unlocks: 10 fruit spins reward.
  • 1MIL!—Unlocks: 10 fruit spins reward.
  • 5kLikes!—Unlocks: 10 fruit spins reward.
  • 20kMEMS—Unlocks: 10 fruit spins reward.
  • ObtainDiscord—Unlocks: 6 fruit spins, 1500 gems, and 1000 coins reward.

Anime Fruit Simulator Codes (Expired)

This is the list of all expired codes for Anime Fruit Simulator.

  • 10kLikesW?!
  • soundleakModeler
  • 2000Likes:O
  • 1000Likes!!!
  • 500Likes!!!
  • 200Likes:O
  • triffyWscripter
  • 100LIKES!<3

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How to redeem codes in Anime Fruit Simulator

See our step-by-step instructions below to successfully redeem codes in Roblox Anime Fruit Simulator.

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  1. Launch Anime Fruit Simulator on Roblox.
  2. Once you’re in the game, take a look at the bottom of the left menu.
  3. Put your code in the “Enter code” text box.
  4. Press Enter to claim your free reward.

How can you get more Anime Fruit Simulator codes?

There are a couple of ways you can get new codes for the Anime Fruit Simulator. The first thing to do would be to join their Discord server and keep up with the official announcements. The second source for codes is the official Twitter profile of the game’s developer, Obtain Studios.

Why are my Anime Fruit Simulator codes not working?

Sometimes you will come across an error message saying that your code doesn’t exist. Now, there might be a few reasons for that. Some codes are permanent while others are temporary (for example a Christmas event code) and will expire after a certain date. In other cases, it might happen that you didn’t enter the code correctly. If a letter or a special character were skipped or entered in the wrong place, the code won’t work. This is why we always advise you to copy and paste codes from the source to make sure you got them right.

Other ways to get free rewards in Anime Fruit Simulator

Anime Fruit Simulator will offer additional free rewards throughout the game. For example, when you fight and kill bosses in each zone, there’s a chance you will get a boss drop. Furthermore, there are free time-locked rewards that you can get by clicking on the gift box in the menu on the left. So, as you play the game you will get a notification in the upper part of the screen telling you that your next reward is ready.

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What is Anime Fruit Simulator?

Anime Fruit Simulator is a fighting game where you kill off different NPCs to advance to fight even stronger ones, all that while keeping yourself boosted with fruit powers. Every fruit offers a unique power, and as you power up a certain fruit, the spell it provides becomes stronger. By killing NPC fighters and bosses, you get coins and gems, as well as an occasional rare drop. An interesting thing in this game is that you can also trade with other players, so if you are missing out on some currency or an item, you can always see if someone is willing to trade. Anime Fruit Simulator is a new game developed by Obtain Studios.

For more Roblox codes you can see our Roblox Game Codes page, and more freebies can also be found on our Roblox Promo Codes page. In the meantime, you can always check out our other news and keep up with the latest gaming news here on Gamer Journalist.

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