Remnant: From the Ashes PC Update August 22, 2019

Remnant: From the Ashes PC Update
Arc Games

Arc Games new hit third-person shooter game Remnant: From the Ashes is getting a small update today. The update was pushed around noon pacific time on August 22, 2019.

It is important to note that if you play this game with friends, everyone needs to make sure they are on the latest updated version. All players in the same group must also be on the same version.

This patch includes several slight tweaks to existing items, armors, and materials along with some quality of life fixes.


  • Increased Scar of the Jungle God bleed speed (same damage but faster).


  • Vengeance Idol buffed to 50% DMG below 25% health.
  • Gaelnic Charm buffed from 50% to 300% mod generation on DMG taken.


  • Reduced Breath of the Desert Charges (3 to 2).
  • Increased Breath of the Desert buildup requirement (500 to 750).
  • Gravity Core DMG reduced (750 to 500).
  • Gravity Core AOE DMG significantly reduced against friendlies.
  • Gravity Core pull significantly reduced against friendlies.
  • Gravity Core projectile time significantly increased.
  • Gravity Core buildup requirement reduced (2000 to 1500).
  • Tentacle Shot no longer hits friendlies.
  • Increased Hunter’s Mark buildup (750 to 1000).
  • Certain mods should now properly target more enemies.


  • Removed the duration for Slayer Armor buff post reload.
  • Set bonuses properly update on client without needing to reequip.


  • Reduced Catalyst buff (20% to 15%).


  • Adjusted all Vyr Annointed weakspots (head) to be the correct size.
  • Ixillis fix for secondary particle not showing up for non-host (client).
  • Adjusted method for gaining additional ammo during Ixillis.
  • Non-hitscan weapons (projectiles) can now deal weakspot DMG to Ixillis.
  • Shade/Shatter will should no longer get pushed out of their dome.
  • Projectiles used against Shade/Shatter dome will now DMG the dome.
  • Shade no longer sticks in dome anim when Shatter is killed on startup.
  • Fix for The Harrow alternate kill method.
  • Nightmare no longer takes the same teammate every time.
  • Nightmare Portals will no longer wait to appear.
  • Certain Mods now properly attack Claviger’s chest.


  • Ace decided to sell higher quantities of Irons (less min/max variance).
  • Many keybinding fixes.


  • Fix for inconsistent reviving where it would often cancel (YESSSS!)
  • Spectators should now see proper death/grapple/interaction animations.
  • Fix for dying after obtaining Mysterious Coin / Tarnished Ring.
  • Fix for saves without progression keys (Howling Key, Guardian Heart, etc).
  • Fuse box fixes!
  • Added persistence component to bell handler.
  • Bosses dying to DOT should no longer break the game.
  • Fixes for enemies grappling Rattle Weed.
  • Many additional trophy/achievement fixes.
  • Hair color should no longer change color when equipping Hunter Shroud.
  • Force Burst should no longer cause banished enemies to suspend in air.
  • Ent scream longer instakills players using Mantle of Thorns (…lol).
  • Added minion tag to Monolith spawns.
  • Collision adjusted on Monlith tile to prevent players from falling through.
  • Added save bool for Lost Gantry to prevent lock-out if player exits on death.
  • Fix for certain elemental MOD damage types being considered Melee DMG.
  • Totems in Shroud dungeon should now always properly summon Shroud.
  • General art/collision fixes in many zones.


  • Set max players on unreal to 3.
  • Matchmaking optimizations.


  • Told the Wasteland Goodboy that he’s a goodboy.

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