Does Remnant From the Ashes have crossplay?

Remnant From the Ashes is an action survival game, with third-person shooting gameplay. It takes place in a post-apocalyptic world that has been overrun by ancient creatures. The game is similar to Dark Souls, but with the addition of guns. There are two expansions: Swamps of Corsus and Subject 2923. The game is fun to play solo, but does Remnant From the Ashes have crossplay?

Does Remnant From the Ashes have crossplay?

Remnant From the Ashes does not have crossplay at the moment. The game is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Your multiplayer sessions are limited to players on your same platform. For example, PC players can only play with other PC players. Check out our guide for how multiplayer works if you want some more information for that mode.

We know that Remnant From the Ashes has no crossplay, but is it coming to the game at some point? The developers stated that while there is no crossplay on the launch, they might look into it. If anything changes and crossplay gets implemented into the game, we will update the post. 

Remnant uses procedural generation in the levels, so every time you reroll the campaign, your world will be different. In multiplayer, joining other peoples’ games from the menu will put you into their world. You may discover hidden locations that were not available in your campaign. Due to this unique feature, the game has a lot of replayability, and farming for weapons and better gear is not dull.

There are various game modes to choose from in Remnant From the Ashes, including Adventure, Survival, and Hardcore, each with unique rewards. Remnant From the Ashes is developed by Gunfire Games and published by Perfect World Entertainment.