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Remnant: From the Ashes Items and Consumables

Remnant: From the Ashes Items and Consumables

Remnant: From the Ashes is full of various items and consumables that can be found throughout your journey. There are actually quite a few different items to wrap your head around, which is why we made this list.

Below you can find a full list of items and consumables in the game along with a description of what they do and where you can find them. It’s important to remember worlds in this game use procedural generation, meaning every player’s worlds are slightly different.

The unique worlds mean not each player will have the same dungeons and items available. You can always reroll your worlds from the checkpoint crystals in game to do a fresh new run through with a completely new world layout.

Remnant: From the Ashes Consumables

Bloodwort – Regenerates 1.7 HP/sec over 30 seconds.

Dragon Heart – Replenishes health and stamina. Requires one charge to revive teammates.

Handgun Ammo – Ammo used in Handguns.

Long Gun Ammo – Ammos used in Long Guns.

Oilskin Tonic – Removed INFECTED effect and increases Root resistance by 30%. Lasts 10 minutes.

Frenzy Dust – Boosts fire rate and reload speed by 15% for all heroes that step into the dust cloud. Lasts 30 seconds.

Tome of Knowledge – Grants one trait point upon being picked up.

Adrenaline – Increases movement speed by 15% for all heroes that step into the dust cloud. Lasts for 30 seconds.

Ammo Box – Replenishes all ammo. This item can be purchased from Reggie in Ward 13 and various other NPCs throughout the worlds.

Bandage – Stops BLEEDING effect. Bandages can be purchased from NPCs.

Heavy Water Elixir – Removes IRRADIATED effect and increases radiation resistance by 30%. Lasts 10 minutes.

Hydro Coolant – Extinguishes BURNING effect and increases fire resistance by 30%. Lasts 10 minutes.

Mudtooth’s Tonic – Increases max health by 25%. Lasts 60 minutes and remains active after death.

Mudtooth’s Stew – Increases max stamina by 25%. Lasts 60 minutes and remains active after death.

Liquid Escape – When consumes. the heroes returns to the last activated checkpoint.

Divine Nectar – Increases armor effectiveness by 10%. Lasts 60 minutes and will remain active after death.

Greenleaf – Removes CORRODED effect and increased corrosive resistance by 30%. Lasts 10 minutes.

Ethereal Orb – Removed OVERLOADED effect and increased shock resistance by 30%. Lasts 10 minutes.

Orb of Undoing – Resets all spent trait points. Can be obtained through killing the final boss Dreamer/Nightmare. Can be purchased from Reggie after defeating the boss.

Houndmaster’s Jerky – Increases critical damage by 15%. Lasts 60 minutes and remains active after death. Can be purchased from the Houndmaster on Rhom.

Golden Plumb – Regenerates 0.21 health per second. Lasts 60 minutes and stays active after death.

Remnant: From the Ashes Items for Quests

D.A.T.L.A Key – Used to power the Crystal for the first time in Ward 13. Obtained from Commander Ford after activating the Reactor with Ace.

Ward 13 Keycard – Allows user to access lower levels of Ward 13. Found on top of a dissection table inside Founder’s Hideout.

Monkey Key – Used to access a room where you can find the mod “Spirit” and an Assault rifle. Obtained through a random location on Earth.

Strange Coin – Trade this item to Ace in Ward 13 for a Magnum Revolver and 300 Scrap.

Glowing Rod – Obtain three rods to open different chambers to obtain pieces of the Akari armor set. Found in various Rhom dungeons.

Tarnished Ring – This item can be used when talking to Reggie. Go through all his dialogue and trade him the ring for the Scavenger trait. It can be found on Earth.

Labyrinth Key – This key is used to open the locker doors in the Labyrinth location.

Founder’s Key – Used to activate the mirror in the basement of Ward 13, where you find The Dreamer/Nightmare. To obtain this key, either give the Undying King the Guardian’s Heart or kill him.

Fuse – Used in a fuse box in the basement of Ward 13. Gives access to doors that cannot otherwise be opened.

Guardian’s Heart – Turn this item into the Undying King or Elf Queen to receive different rewards.

Ward 13 Master Key – Used to unlock a lower level room that gives you access to the SMG.

Control Rod – Complete the Maul boss fight and use the item to activate the ancient construct outside Wud’s workshop.

Howling Key – This item is used to unlock the Altar of the Sun Gate that leads to the Undying King. Obtained by killing a world either Harrow or Claviger on Rhom.

Strange Curio – Used to open a dungeon on Yaesha that rewards the Radiant Helmet. Purchase the rest of the Radiant armor set from the vendor prior to opening the dungeon.

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