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Psychonauts 2 – where to find Queepie

Learn where to find Queepie in Psychonauts 2
Where to find Queepie in Psychonauts 2

I’m kinda glad sometimes my only sibling is an older sister. I don’t think I’d have the patience to deal with any younger siblings, especially if any of them were as slippery and headstrong as Raz’s younger brother Queepie in Psychonauts 2. For those of you who do have younger siblings, well, you already know this pain, I’ll bet. Here’s where to find Queepie in Psychonauts 2.

After meeting up with Raz’s family in the campgrounds of the Questionable Area, Raz’s mom, Donatella, will ask him to go look for his little brother Queepie, who’s wandered off somewhere. He’s just as good of an acrobat as Raz, possibly better, and has a predilection for high, out of the way places. He also, however, loves dancing, which is the key to finding him.

Where to Find Queepie in Psychonauts 2

Queepie has a radio with him that’s tuned to Morris’ pirate radio station, KLOB, and constantly plays the only song Morris has. Whenever he’s nearby, you’ll be able to hear the music from his radio. If you have subtitles turned on, you’ll also get a visual indication that the radio is nearby. You’ll need to keep an ear out around the Questionable Area to find all six of Queepie’s hidden dance spots in this order:

  1. You’ll first find Queepie on the ground near the water wheel’s house.
  2. Go through the Cave of the Sassclops, and when you exit back outside, look to your right for a wooden platform where Queepie is dancing.
  3. Near the area’s fast travel hatch, find a tree with vines leading upward. Climb the vines, then walk a tightrope over to a wooden walkway above the campsite. Queepie will be next to the sign pointing to a pulley bar.
  4. From the roof of the public bathroom, find a ladder dangling off a tree. Climb up it and follow the tree line until you find a metal pole. Climb that and use the nearby spring to launch over to Queepie.
  5. Head over to the Lumberstack Diner just outside the Questionable Area proper. Use the front of the abandoned pickup truck as a spring to bounce onto the roof to find Queepie.
  6. Go through the Cave of the Sassclops again, but this time, go left out of the exit and follow the path of poles and rocks until you find Queepie. Alternatively, you can light the campfire in the campgrounds to get an updraft into a series of springs that’ll bring you to the same spot.

After you find him for the last time, Queepie will relent and leave his radio behind, which turns into a PSI Challenge Marker for you to collect. That’s the end of the quest, but if you’re curious, you can find Queepie again over at Morris’ pirate radio station, where he’s apparently been hired on as a DJ.

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