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Psychonauts 2 – How to Complete Gisu’s Psychoseismometer Quest

Find out how to complete Gisu's Psychoseismometer Quest with our walkthrough
Psychonauts 2 - How to Complete Gisu's Psychoseismometer Quest

You know what’s fun about super-science spy settings? You can pretty much make up whatever technology you want as long as its name sounds cool enough. What’s a “Psychoseismometer?” No idea! But it sounds cool, and that’s all it really needs. Oh, and venting. It also needs venting, as you’ll soon learn. Here’s how to complete Gisu’s Psychoseismometer quest in Psychonauts 2.

After you gain access to the quarry outside of the Motherlobe proper, if you head leftwards from the front door, you’ll find a tall tree with a conspicuous treehouse at the top. In the treehouse, you’ll find Raz’s fellow Psychonauts interns Morris and Gisu having a conversation about Morris’ pirate radio station. Talk to Gisu, and she’ll offer you an extra credit opportunity. Apparently, she was tasked by Otto to find three Psychoseismometers that he let sit in the wild for a few years and vent them, as they’re all on the verge of rupturing. Since Raz is standing there, he’s a convenient person to foist the work onto.

How to Complete Gisu’s Psychoseismometer Quest in Psychonauts 2

Before we get to locations, let’s cover what you’re in for. When Raz attempts to vent one of the Psychoseismometers, the device will activate a fight or flight program that drags his mind into a small combat arena. You just have to beat a few waves of the usual Censors, Regrets, Doubts, and so on. However, the third device you vent will have a Panic Attack in its encounter, so you won’t be able to clear it until you’ve obtained the Time Bubble ability from the brain in a jar.

The first Psychoseismometer is in Blast Cap Betty Cave, a mine you’ll pass in the quarry on your way to the Questionable Area. It’s a simple platforming gauntlet; just follow the path, and the device will be at the end.

The second Psychoseismometer is in the trees of the Questionable Area. Along the western rim of the woods, look for a ladder near a sign pointing toward the diner. Climb into the treetops and follow the wooden path to a series of branches you can swing on. After that, walk across a tightrope, swing across another set of branches, and use the spring to bounce further upward. Finally, you’ll see a draft blowing sideways; use your PSI Float to ride the draft to another treetop board, where you’ll find the device.

The final Psychoseismometer is found in a small cave that you can reach through a bush-obscured path behind Nona’s tent in the Aquato family’s camp. The cave is blocked by rubble, but you can just punch it away, and find the last device within.

With all three devices vented, return to Gisu, and she’ll reward you with a free rank up. 

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