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Psychonauts 2: Scavenger Hunt Guide

Psychonauts 2: Scavenger Hunt Guide

In the original Psychonauts, the scavenger hunt offered to you by Ranger Cruller was one of the game’s most memorable sidequests. Not only was it a great way to practice new psychic powers and teach yourself to think outside the box, almost all of the items you had to recover were either funny or amusingly disconcerting, ranging from the abandoned turkey sandwich in the subterranean refrigerator to the skull of a dead miner lodged in a geyser. The scavenger hunt has returned in Psychonauts 2, and it’s just as entertaining (and occasionally worrying) as the first game’s. Here’s our complete guide to the Psychonauts 2 scavenger hunt.

After Sasha gives Raz a new set of clothes to save him from his hazing ritual at the hands of the other interns, he’ll confront Norma outside of Sasha’s office. In a half-hearted effort to make amends, Norma will give Raz an extra credit assignment: a list of “Mission Critical Psychonaut Assets.” In actuality, it’s just a list of assorted tchotchkes Hollis asked Norma to gather, but if Raz does her this completely unwarranted favor, she’ll return his old set of clothes (provided she can fish them out of the garbage).

Psychonauts 2 Scavenger Hunt Guide

Motherlobe Items

Psychonauts Name Plaque

Let’s start with the object closest to where Norma gives you the list. To the left of Sasha and Milla’s offices, you’ll find a small door with a plaque on it denoting it as Coach Oleander’s office. Agents aren’t supposed to have name plaques, and Oleander’s definitely still on probation, so go ahead and take it right off the door.

Day-Old Sushi

Here’s another easy one. Visit the Motherlobe cafeteria, the Noodle Bowl. Check the buffet bar across from the cashier, and you’ll see the Day-Old Sushi in all its rank glory. Feels like this shouldn’t be Hollis’ job to clean up.

Astronaut Ice Cream

Enter the Nerve Center and look for a computer console with a screen glowing bright green. Interact with the screen and it’ll turn off, while another screen will light up elsewhere in the room. Keep interacting with the lit screens, and finally, a screen on the far left wall will light up. Interact with that one, and out pops everyone’s favorite dehydrated dessert, Astronaut Ice Cream.

Deck of Cards

Once you’ve helped Compton and gained access to the bowling alley with his senior league card, it’s time to roll a few frames. Use your Telekinesis to pick up the bowling ball from the ball return and throw it down the lane to hit the pins. You’ll need to roll three full frames worth, six shots in total; don’t worry if you’re a bad bowler, they don’t have to be strikes or anything. After the third frame, instead of your ball, the Deck of Cards will pop out of the ball return. What kind of jerk shoves a deck of cards in a ball return?

Enemy Surveillance Device

You can only get this item after beating the game and entering the post-game, as it requires the use of Mental Projection from Cassie O’Peia. Return to the storage room Raz was locked in by the other interns at the beginning of the game. Past the Mindswarm poster, you’ll see a door with a mail slot on your right. Use Mental Projection to summon your archetype and have him unlock the door for you. The Enemy Surveillance Device will be on the shelf to your left. Apparently, the Psychonauts confiscated this from a rival organization, the Gastronauts. Ew.

Psychonauts 2 Scavenger Hunt Guide Quarry Items

Quarry Items

Unexploded Bomb

You’ll probably pick this one up on your way to the Questionable Area. Right before the entrance to the Questionable Area, at the top of the rear area of the Quarry, you should see a bonfire on the ground next to a crane holding up a palette of planks. Light the bonfire with Pyrokinesis to get an updraft, then ride it up to the planks, where you’ll find the Unexploded Bomb. Don’t worry, it won’t go off in your pack. Probably.

Psitanium Knife

From the front door of the Motherlobe, ride the draft in the right-side tube to the path leading to Lili’s garden. Across the gap you’ll see a large cave. Hop across the branches and rocks to get to the cave, then use Levitation to jump up the stone pillars until you find the Psitanium Knife resting at the top. Apparently, it was carved by a crazy person in psychoisolation. Neat!

Agent Orientation Laserdisc

Visit Otto’s laboratory on the other side of the Quarry proper by crossing the floating platforms that rise from the water. Past Otto’s desk and to the right, you’ll see a room with a floor covered in electric sparks. Luckily, your Levitation bubble protects you from hazardous terrain, so just ride it across to claim the Agent Orientation Laserdisc, loaded with corporate-approved hazing rituals.

Psychonauts 2: Scavenger Hunt Guide: Questionable Area Items

Questionable Area Items

Human Skull

At the end of the left path of the Questionable Area, you’ll find a derelict funicular. You’ll need to repair it by inserting its missing gears into the large machine board thingy to its immediate right. The three gears are all nearby, you shouldn’t have to go too far for them. Once you’ve slotted all three gears back in with Telekinesis, the funicular will start up and begin its ascent. Get on board and ride it until the other cart passes by. Jump over to the other cart to claim the Human Skull, presumably left as some sort of anti-funicular statement.

Can of Corn

Enter the cave of the Sassclops near the Aquato family camp. Inside, in front of the large dinosaur fossil jutting out of the wall, you’ll find a bonfire on the ground. Light it up with Pyrokinesis, then ride the updraft to a stone ledge to find the Can of Corn. According to Raz, it expired the same year he was born, which means it’s at least ten years past spoiled. Yikes.

Switchblade Hatchet

You’ll need to have obtained the Time Bubble ability from the Brain in a Jar before you can do this one. Go to the large, fast-spinning water wheel at the center of the Questionable Area. Use Time Bubble to slow the wheel’s rotation, allowing you to ride its paddles up to the roof where you’ll find the Switchblade Hatchet. You just know a kid has lost a pinky to this thing.

Novelty Mug

Visit the Lumberstack Diner just outside the entrance to the Questionable Area. Past where Sam is making her mysterious pancakes is a door with a mail slot on it. Call up your archetype with Mental Projection to open the door and claim the Novelty Mug within. Why does it have two handles…?

Psychonauts 2 Scavenger Hunt Green Needle Gulch Items

Green Needle Gulch Items

Mini Murder Bug Bot

In Lucy’s house, climb the ladder up to the second floor, then use Pyrokinesis to burn the vines blocking the exit out onto the balcony. Follow the path around the balcony until you stumble upon the Mini Murder Bug Bot, the murderous capabilities of which are apparently greatly exaggerated.

Viking Helmet

Find Helmut Fullbear’s Theater on the path to Cassie’s house. There’s a small path around the back of the theater obscured by some bushes on the theater’s left side; follow the path to the back of the van and you’ll find one of Helmut’s old Viking Helmets. Don’t worry, he’s got more where this one came from.

Beehive Shaped Like My Phone

When you get up to Cassie’s house, don’t stop at the front door. Follow the honey-covered path around to the back of the house, where you’ll find a beehive on the ground in the distinct shape of Hollis’ cell phone. Bees are kleptomaniacs sometimes, what can you do?

Signed Copy of Mindswarm

When you first meet Cassie in her house and talk to her, Raz can ask her to sign his copy of her book, Mindswarm, for him. If you missed this opportunity, don’t worry. Go find her in Compton’s menagerie near Bob’s greenhouse after beating the game, and you can ask her then. How was Hollis expecting Norma to get this?

Once you’ve got all the items, bring them to Norma, who should be outside the intern classroom if you’re in the post-game. She’ll reward you with Raz’s old set of clothes, which you can change into using the bathroom in the cafeteria. With the bathroom unlocked, you can also change into the office attire Raz wore in Loboto’s mind, as well as his circus skivvies if you’re a weirdo.

That concludes our guide and everything you need to know about the Psychonauts 2 Scavenger Hunt. For more related content, head on over to our Psychonauts section!

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