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What Powers are in Psychonauts 2?

What Powers are in Psychonauts 2?

Good heavens, I think the wait for Psychonauts 2 is actually going to kill me. You wouldn’t think it’d be so hard; I’ve already waited 15 years, what’s another week? Well, it’s an agonizing week and I hate it. Thankfully, Double Fine has been releasing some short interview clips with some choice details about the game, including one of its most important aspects, the psychic powers. So, what powers are in Psychonauts 2?

The devs have confirmed that five powers will be returning from the first Psychonauts, while Psychonauts 2 will feature three brand new powers. Let’s start by covering the returning powers, and what’s different about them.

What Powers are in Psychonauts 2?


Nothing lifts you up like a good idea! Levitation has the most similarities with its Psychonauts incarnation, providing a thought balloon Raz can run, bounce, and float on. It’s a convenient source of faster movement and higher jumping, as well as a means of moving over dangerous surfaces (except for water, due to Raz’s hydrophobia).


Forget therapy, focus that raw aggression into firepower! Psy-Blasting allows Raz to launch out a concussive bullet of pure psychic energy. It’s a bread and butter ranged attack, once again similar to the first Psychonauts, though with the added bonus of being able to move while firing, instead of having to stop and shoot.


Focus your thoughts to get a better grip on the world around you. Telekinesis has gotten a big upgrade from the first game. Now, instead of only designated interactables, you can now pick up any loose object on the ground and throw it at enemies, as well as solve environmental puzzles. Instead of throwing stuff in an arc, you can now throw objects picked up with TK straight with a targeting reticle. Finally, like with Psy-Blast, you can now grab and throw stuff while moving.


Think spicy thoughts! Pyrokinesis allows you to ignite enemies and objects by focusing on them for a few moments, great for attacking large groups of clustered foes. Remember what Ford said: only use it when it’s absolutely necessary (or when it’s really entertaining).


See the world through the eyes of another! Clairvoyance allows Raz to hijack the view of nearby NPCs, allowing you to see hints and secrets that Raz otherwise wouldn’t be aware of. And don’t worry, Raz still appears to them as a silly drawing.

Next, let’s cover the three new powers debuting in Psychonauts 2.

Mental Connection

Gather thoughts to make things clearer. Mental Connection allows Raz to link two thought balloons together. This can be used to alter someone’s cognition in their mind, though it also functions as a sort of psychic grappling hook. Raz can use Mental Connection to pull himself into thought balloons to reach higher ground, as well as yank enemies closer to him (or him to them).

Time Bubble

Slow perception, slow reality. Time Bubble allows Raz to temporarily slow whatever he’s targeting to a crawl. It can be used on fast moving platforms to facilitate safe passage, as well as bind fast-moving enemies.

Mental Projection

You’re your own biggest fan! Mental Projection allows Raz to summon an “archetype” of himself from his subconscious. The paper-like archetype can pass through narrow passages like bars and mail slots to solve puzzles, and you can also deploy it in combat to serve as a distraction. Fun fact, as a parallel to Raz being voiced by Richard Horvitz, who voiced Invader Zim, the archetype is voiced by Rikki Simons, who voiced GIR!

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