Pop It Trading Codes

Roblox Pop It Trading Codes

Get a head start on your trading by using the latest Pop It Trading codes for free items!

Pop It Trading is a unique Roblox Experience brought to us by Club XOX. As the name suggests your goal in Pop It Trading is to trade. Use cash to buy items and then join another player on the platform. Drop in the items you want to trade and jump on the giant green checkmark to confirm. Take your new items and keep trading them up, or sell them and buy other items from the store. If you’re having trouble getting started, we have collected a list of Pop It Trading codes to help you.

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Using Pop It Trading codes is a free and easy way to get in-game items to trade. Once you enter a code in, an item will drop for you to pick up. You can then trade it or sell it if you like. Codes may expire at any moment so be sure to use them quickly. We will be keeping this list updated with all the latest codes so don’t forget to bookmark this page and check back often.

All Pop It Trading Codes List

Pop It Trading Codes (Working)

  • whonewit? — Unlocks: VHS Tape (New)
  • b5nb5n — Unlocks: 1x Alien
  • stoked — Unlocks: 1x Stack of Surfboards
  • categg — Unlocks: 1x Hello Kitty Doll
  • doilookpretty — Unlocks: 1x Makeup
  • pingu — Unlocks: 1x Window Frame
  • miaminights — Unlocks: 1x Mystery Item
  • letsgetweird — Unlocks: 1x Toy
  • heartburn — Unlocks: 1x Valentine’s Present
  • ewww — Unlocks: 1x Valentine’s Present
  • holasoyd0ra — Unlocks: 1x Cake
  • b4nb4n — Unlocks: 1x Alien
  • itsalive! — Unlocks: 1x Baby Animal
  • metacarpus — Unlocks: 1x Zombie Hand
  • kawa11 — Unlocks: 1x Toy
  • meoooow — Unlocks: 1x Toy Cat
  • m3rry — Unlocks: 1x Penguin
  • thursday — Unlocks: 1x Umbrella
  • candy — Unlocks: 1x Candy
  • fifi — Unlocks: 1x Soccer Ball
  • yodome — Unlocks: 1x Baby Yoda
  • youspinme — Unlocks: 1x Spinny Hat
  • aredsword — Unlocks: 1x Red Minecraft Sword
  • daegg — Unlocks: 1x Egg
  • halloweenie — Unlocks: 1x Haloween Item
  • callmemaybe — Unlocks: 1x Phone Booth
  • popit1year — Unlocks: 1x Celebration item
  • whaaaaaa — Unlocks: 1x Alien Baby
  • pepto — Unlocks: 1x Pink Sauce
  • lasagna — Unlocks: 1x Stuffed Cat Toy
  • m0dn4r — Unlocks: 1x Black Hole
  • ****** — Unlocks: 1x Alien
  • throne — Unlocks: 1x Toilet
  • 1337 — Unlocks: 1x Film Camera
  • fotito — Unlocks: 1x Retro Camera
  • juego — Unlocks: 1x Controller
  • pineapple — Unlocks: 1x Pineapple
  • portal — Unlocks: 1x Portal
  • farmer — Unlocks: Multiple Seeds
  • 90sec — Unlocks: 1x Cat Box
  • code — Unlocks: 1x Alien Toy
  • upupup — Unlocks: 1x Ladder
  • baila — Unlocks: 1x Smartphone
  • gub — Unlocks: 1x Magnifying Glass
  • cute — Unlocks: 1x Baby Long Legs
  • naughtyornice — Unlocks: 1x Mystery Item
  • trippy — Unlocks: 1x Mystery Item
  • noclip — Unlocks: 1x Mystery Item
  • kitty — Unlocks: 1x Cat
  • popit! — Unlocks: 1x Pop It
  • stuffi — Unlocks: 1x Stuffed Doll
  • armor? — Unlocks: 1x Watermelon
  • sugar — Unlocks: 1x Lollipop
  • cupid — Unlocks: 1x Love Gift Item
  • no — Unlocks: 1x Slendy Note
  • tako — Unlocks: 1x Toy
  • 鞭炮 — Unlocks: 1x Firecrackers
  • Tony — Unlocks: 1x Stuffed Tiger
  • Loot — Unlocks: 1x Loot Box
  • buff — Unlocks: 1x Weight
  • 2022 — Unlocks: 1x Sparkler
  • ice — Unlocks: 1x Diamond
  • chance — Unlocks: 1x d20 Dice
  • juaniday2021 — Unlocks: 1x Christmas Item
  • sus — Unlocks: 1x Among Us Item
  • quidditch — Unlocks: 1x Fire Extinguisher
  • crystal — Unlocks: 3x Crystal Item
  • spooky21 — Unlocks: 1x Random Spooky Item
  • squid — Unlocks: 1x Squid Game Guy
  • gummy — Unlocks: 3x Gummy Bear
  • eeek — Unlocks: 1x Random Creepy Item

Pop It Trading Codes (Expired)

  • inazuma — Unlocks: 1x Lightning Katana
  • knocknock — Unlocks: 1x Wardrobe
  • trippy — Unlocks: 1x Illusion

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How to Redeem Codes for Pop It Trading

Follow our step-by-step instructions to redeem codes for Pop It Trading.

Screenshot by Gamer Journalist
  1. Launch the game in Roblox and run over to the leaderboard.
  2. Stand on the button on the floor that says “Youtube Codes”.
  3. The codes box will pop up.
  4. Enter your code in the text box and press Go! button.
  5. Enjoy your rewards.

How to get more codes for Pop It Trading

To get more codes for Pop It Trading, you can follow the game developers’ Youtube channel XOX Studios. Further, you can join the community Discord server XOX_Studios. The developer team will post new codes to both of those locations. You can also bookmark this page and follow us for the latest codes. We update our list as soon as new ones become available.

Why are my Pop It Trading codes not working?

Sometimes when you enter a code in Pop it Trading nothing will happen. This can happen for two reasons. The first one is that your code simply expired and developers have shut it down for good. The second reason is that the code has been entered incorrectly. Try and double-check all codes that you enter in Pop It Trading and if you want to be on the safe side, copy and paste codes from your source instead of typing them in.

Other ways to get free rewards in Pop It Trading

You will have a steady flow of in-game cash as you play and move around that is meant to help you get some items and start trading. Another way of getting free rewards is literally by trading with others and getting good deals.

What is Pop It Trading?

Pop It Trading is a game where your main goal is to trade the goods you have with other players and collect rare and valuable items. The cash you have is added to the value of items in your inventory for the final score on the leaderboard. The best players are the ones that have the biggest combined wealth. You trade with others by climbing on a trading platform, dropping all items you want to trade, and then pressing the green checkmark or red X button, depending on whether you want to complete the trade or not. Alternatively, you can select the + button if you want to request that the other player adds more items.

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