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How to Trade in Pet Simulator X

Build your pet collection by learning how to trade in Pet Simulator X.
How to Trade in Pet Simulator X

Who doesn’t like themselves a perfectly executed trade? I sure do, and I trade in Pet Simulator X all the time. Trading adds a whole new dynamic to the game, and it just wouldn’t be the same without it. Imagine how long it would take to get every single pet in the game without the ability to trade. Pet Simulator X has designed a fantastic trading system, and it’s a pleasure to use. Let’s take a look at how it works.

In Pet Simulator X, a trade request from another player can pop up on your screen at any moment. You can also initiate the trade yourself. However, some players may have their trading completely disabled or set to friends only. More details on that, below.

How to Trade in Pet Simulator X

Trading pets in Pet Simulator X is super simple. Here is how to trade:

  1. Tap on your Pet Inventory
  2. Tap on the two arrow Trade Icon
  3. Select a Player in the Server
  4. Select Your Offer
    • At the trading screen, you can make your trade selection. Your friend will also make their selection. You can see what they choose in real-time. A player does not have to offer anything to complete a trade. You can give a pet away, or someone can give you a pet for free.
  5. Click Ready and Wait
    • Once you’re ready, you can tap Ready. The trade won’t start until you, and your trading partner both ready up. Once you both are ready, a countdown timer will start. While the timer is running, it’s your chance to cancel the trade, in case you clicked ready by accident or put in the wrong pets. You can hit Unready or Cancel.

You will find that most players in the game will gladly open a trade with you. Sometimes you will even get someone giving you free pets to help you get started. Once the trade is complete, you should immediately see your new pets in your inventory. 

How to Change your Trade Settings in Pet Simulator X

If you want to limit your trade access, here is how to change your trade settings.

  1. Tap your Pet Inventory
  2. Tap the Settings Gear Icon on the Right
  3. At the top, cycle through your trade settings
    • All – Anyone can start a trade with you
    • Friends – Only friends can start a trade with you
    • Disabled – No one can start a trade with you

That’s all there is to trading in Pet Simulator X. To help you get more pets make sure you check out our Pet Simulator X codes page. Happy trading out there!

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