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How to Get Merch Codes in Pet Simulator X

Learn how to earn and also redeem Pet Simulator X Merch Codes.
Merch Codes in Pet Simulator X

Tons of Pet Simulator X players have expressed their confusion about the game’s merch codes. Many have tried to enter in the regular game codes only to be met with an invalid code message. Merch codes and the regular game codes are different and not interchangeable. Merch codes are acquired differently and distribute different rewards. We hope to shed some light on these codes and tell you exactly how to get merch codes in Pet Simulator X.

What are Pet Simulator X Merch Codes and How Do You Get Them?

Merch Codes in Pet Simulator X are exclusive codes players can earn from buying various BIG Game merchandise. Players can head to the BIG Games online store to view their offerings. Any item in the store that is said to come with an “Exclusive Code” will provide you with a Merch Code that you can use in-game. Merch codes are not the same as the regular Pet Simulator X Game Codes and are entered differently.

These codes are one-time use, so purchasing BIG Game products outside of their official store will not help you get codes. They will likely already be used. Unfortunately, the BIG Game store only has plushies at the moment, which are all sold out. You will have to wait until they restock to get yourself an official BIG Game plushie. 

Official Big Games Merchandise

If you do end up getting an exclusive code, it will likely reward you with an exclusive Mythical pet. Rewards may vary from player to player, but at the moment, the norm seems to be a Mythical pet reward.

How to Redeem Pet Simulator X Merch Codes?

Redeeming Merch codes in Pet Simulator X is very simple and almost identical to the regular codes process.  

  1. Open Pet Simulator X in Roblox
  2. Open your Shop by tapping the plus next to your diamonds
  3. Towards the top, find the “Redeem for Exclusive Pets!” box and tap Redeem
  4. Enter your code in the redemption box
  5. Tap Redeem! to earn your reward

That’s all there is to redeeming Pet Simulator X Merch codes. Right now, the hard part is actually getting your hands on some. 

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