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Pet Simulator X Bank Update

Roblox Pet Simulator X releases the Bank Update to bring a new banking system along with Loot Bags
Pet Simulator X Bank Update

Roblox’s number one pet collection game, Pet Simulator X, has just released the Bank Update on Dec. 4, 2021. The new update brings a new bank mechanic to allow players to share their pets cross-server and even earn interest on their Diamonds. Additionally, active players will be rewarded with randomly spawning loot bags that can contain some impressive rewards. Check the full list of Pet Simulator X Bank Update patch notes below.

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Pet Simulator X Bank Update Patch Notes

The Bank

  • New mechanic known as The Bank introduced
  • Store large amounts of pets and diamonds
  • Share cross-server with friends and people you trust
  • Earn daily interest on Diamonds

The Bank currently costs 7.5m Diamonds to open an account. Accounts start at Tier 1 and can progress to Tier 7. The higher the level, the better the perks. Anyone can invite you to their bank, and you can be a part of five banks at one time. Tier 7 banks can have up to six members each.

Pet Simulator X Bank Update

Loot Bags

Farming coins and diamonds is not enjoyable, and endgame consists of sitting AFK on a big chest and letting time pass. Big Games is trying to reward active players with better rewards, which is where Loot Bags come into play.

  • Loot Bags pop out randomly while gathering coins
  • Contain large quantities of coins, diamonds, and boosts
  • Rare Loot Bags can contain very good rewards


  • Mystery Merchant: Spawn rates fixes for many servers, and discount is now up to 35% from 20%
  • Rewards Rewrite: Reworked rewards system
  • Rank and VIP Rewards: Rebalanced to offer more Diamonds, and Glittering has been buffed
  • Interface Upgrades: Miscellaneous interface uplifts
  • QoL and Stability: Lots of codebase clean ups and front-end polishing

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