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Path of Exile (PoE) Limited Mini Events: Ruthless with Gold Guide

We're going to be swimming in gold like Scrooge McDuck.
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Grinding Gear Games are amazing with thinking of ways to revitalize the community. Recently they decided to extend the current season by one month, so they could work on the newest league and mechanic a bit longer. With that delay they also announced a mini-event that will run for the whole of March. This event is focused around creating interesting mechanics in the game that they normally would never have put in. Their idea for this month’s mini-event… Gold. This is our guide for the Ruthless with Gold events.

Ruthless with Gold

Path of Exile was designed specifically to not have any gold in it as currency. The way Path of Exile does this mechanic is quite different compared to others within the genre. So the developers decided to implement a gold system in the game with full trade enabled! This starts on March 8th 2023 and ends April 4th 2023.

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  • Monsters and chests drop Gold Coins, which can be used to buy items from vendors.
  • All vendor prices throughout the game have been replaced by prices in Gold Coins.
  • When you sell items to vendors, you receive Gold Coins rather than currency shards. Other Ruthless vendor recipes are unmodified.
  • There may also be a few other uses for gold that we’ll describe closer to the event’s launch.
  • Due to how many Gold Coins you find, they auto-pickup as you approach them.
  • Gold Coins are itemised like Perandus Coins, and stack up to 5000 per inventory/stash space (50k in Currency Stash Wildcard Spaces).
  • In a party, Gold Coins you pick up are shared between nearby party members.
  • You can still find currency items, at regular Ruthless drop rates (i.e. not often). Gold Coins are dropped in addition to regular currency, meaning that in Ruthless with Gold, there is somewhat less item scarcity than full Ruthless.
  • Sanctum is not enabled.
  • Otherwise, base Ruthless rules apply

Asynchronous Group SSF Events

This one is a bit difficult to explain, but we’ll boil it down for you. This is a competitive game mode for groups of players to take on. To do this you will have to create a Private League for just you and your friends to speed run against match-made groups. The interesting hook here is you don’t need to be playing at the same time as the other group for it to be counted. The team with the best time at the end of the week wins!

Since this week is focused on speed, you will need to make sure everyone in the group will have the best Quicksilver flask on hand. On top of this, since we’re only focused on speed clearing and not long term sustainability throughout a league, the build options here are phenomenal. Soul Thirst + Savior Flicker skill build will probably be the most played for this.

The prizes for these events are exclusive trophy statues that can be displayed in your hideouts.

  • Legend’s Hideout Statue for Group Rank #1
  • Champion’s Hideout Statue for Group Rank #2
  • Victor’s Hideout Statue for Group Rank #3
  • Challenger’s Hideout Statue for Group Ranks #4-10

Week 2: Friendly Fire Group SSF Event

This one is tricky because you have Friendly Fire on and you can only deal damage when there are two other players next to you. Ideally, we want to avoid normal builds that we use to clear here because those are almost always AoE or Contagion based.

Brainstorming for a bit we’ve come up with the idea of maybe everyone in the party building Storm Rain around a different element so they can stack for big damage but also so they won’t be useless when it comes to clearing content to even get to Act Ten Kitava.

  • League Completion Criteria: Kill Act Ten Kitava
  • Based on: Standard (Sanctum/Ruthless/Hardcore all disabled)
  • Accounts Allowed in League: 5
  • Start date: 2pm March 14th PDT
  • End date: 2pm March 21st PDT
  • Platforms: PC only

Friendly Fire is enabled. Players can only deal damage when near two other players.

This event requires you to team up with two-four other players and try to complete the campaign without killing each other too much. Note that with full friendly fire on, even your minions will attack your teammates. Be careful what skills you pick!

The league account limit is set to 5 so that you can’t have two teams of three progressing in parallel in the league to help each other out indirectly.

Week 3: Krangled Passives Group SSF Event

Since the skill tree is going to be scrambled this week, you will want to just aim for the best Notable passive you have available to you first, then adjust your build from there. Acuity, Adamant, Ancestral Knowledge, Command of Steel, Beef, Heart of Ice, and Soul Siphon are very good passives to look out for. These can mean life or death in this week.

  • League Completion Criteria: Kill both Searing Exarch and Eater of Worlds
  • Based on: Standard (Sanctum/Ruthless/Hardcore all disabled)
  • Accounts Allowed in League: 6
  • Voided – characters and items do not migrate back into Standard afterwards
  • Start date: 2pm March 21st PDT
  • End date: 2pm March 28th PDT
  • Platforms: PC and Console

The Passive Skill Tree and all Ascendancy Trees are jumbled. Minor passive skills, notables, keystones, minor ascendancy skills and major ascendancy skills have been internally scrambled within those categories (so a notable passive is still a notable passive, just a random one). All players have the same trees.

Week 4: “Polarity” Group SSF Event

No matter what, this week is going to be a cluster of fun. Since mobs will be swapping polarities with people in the party we think the best way to approach this would be to make sure everyone in the party builds on an AoE skill, just so when the enemies swap polarities that no matter what there will be damage applied to them. Chaos DOT, Caustic Arrow Slayer, Cyclone Impale, Storm Brand Inquisitor and maybe Obliteration + Profane Bloom.

  • League Completion Criteria: Have three level 90 players in the same instance
  • Based on: Standard (Sanctum/Ruthless/Hardcore all disabled)
  • Accounts Allowed in League: 6
  • Start date: 2pm March 28th PDT
  • End date: 3pm April 4th PDT
  • Platforms: PC only

In this event, both monsters and players have “polarity”, which is randomly allocated between two values. You can only harm monsters that are the same polarity as you. Rare and Unique monsters swap their polarity when they reach low life. It will require players to cooperate in groups of at least two in order to be able to clear areas and bosses.

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