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5 Best Duelist Builds in Path of Exile

The top 5 best duelist builds in Path of Exile.

If you are looking into the next build to try in the current league or just want to see what the best duelist builds are in Path of Exile, we got you covered!

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Cyclone Slayer

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It wouldn’t be a best duelist build list without it. Cyclone is a tried and true build in Path of Exile. No matter what new things the game adds there will always be a Cyclone build. Picking the Slayer ascendancy Overwhelm will make it so the base critical hit is super high while also granting overrleech. This means you are hard to kill and can easily deal with a ton of mobs. Now this build isn’t the best for doing the campaign so it’s definitely something to build right now towards the end of a league to have fun.

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Ground Slam Slayer

Ground Slam was first introduced to Path of Exile in 2010, yeah, it’s a tried and true duelist build. As a melee only skill, it’s one of the best currently in the game. You’ll want to take Hollow Palm Technique, that’s right no weapons are required for this build. Stacking DEX and STR. Taking the Slayer ascendancy once again is recommended and dipping into Brutal Fervour. This is a simple and cheap build that is great for league starting. All you need to do is slam and dash and use those Quicksilver flasks as you go like most duelist builds.

Herald of Agony Champion Duelist Build

What could be better than raining poison down on your enemies and only needing three skills? Oh yeah doing all of that AND summoning minions in this duelist build. Center this build around Storm Rain to stack Virulence which will give you more Life Gain on Hit. This build can do anything in the game but just loses out on clear speed. Not a good league start due to needing a few uniques.

Explosive Arrow Ballista Champion Duelist Build

Another build that isn’t a good league starter due to it needing a unique, Rain of Splinters is now a corrupt-only gem, so you can buy it if you have the currency later on. The Explosive Arrow skill so buys that as fast as you can and make sure to pick up the Ballista Totem skill and pair it with Frenzy and your Explosive Arrow skill then watch things blow up. Slow playing but one of the strongest duelist builds.

Lacerate Gladiator

This build is the perfect league starter. It’s cheap to start and plays uniquely compared to the other ones on this list. Lacerate as a skill can clear rooms of enemies with a swipe. You will want to build this into Blood and Sand, these aura stances will change how the skill acts. Blood will increase how easily Bleed happens and how much damage it does. Sand stance will increase the area of effect and the angle of the attack but it will deal a bit less damage. Go into the Gladiator Ascendancy grab, Arena Challenger, Challenger Chargers, and Gratuitous Violence. Take the Leap Slam skill of course and you can move through hordes like a hot knife with this top-tier build.

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