Path of Exile: Delirium Challenges

path of exile delirium Challenges

The new Path of Exile: Delirium league has been released, and the queue to get into the game may take a while. Below you can find a list of Path of Exile: Delirium Challenges, which is looking like it will be one of the easier 40/40 we’ve seen so far in the game.

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If you’re new to Path of Exile or haven’t had a chance to look over what to expect for the new league, check out our Path of Exile: Delirium League Breakdown. You may also want to download the newest Loot Filters to help with your leveling process.

Path of Exile: Delirium Challenges

Gear Up

  • Have a combined total of 1,000 Life, Mana, and Energy Shield
  • Have a combined total of 150 Resistance
  • Have a combined total of 200 Attributes

Complete Delirium Encounter I

  • Face your fears by passing through a Delirium Mirror
  • Obtain a reward from a Delirium Encounter
  • Survive the madness

Complete these Quests

  • The Dweller of the Deep
  • Sever the Right Hand
  • The King’s Feast
  • Kishara’s Star
  • Fastis Fortuna

Defeat these Act Bosses I

  • Act 1: Merveil, the Twisted
  • Act 2: Vaal Oversoul
  • Act 3: Dominus, Ascendant
  • Act 4: Malachai, The Nightmare
  • Act 5: Kitava, the Insatiable

Complete Encounters I

  • Interact with a Massive Shrine
  • Open an Arcanist’s Strongbox
  • Complete a Delve Encounter
  • Defeat a Red Beast at the Blood Altar

Complete Encounters II

  • Allocate a Major God Power
  • Allocate a Minor God Power
  • Upgrade an Incursion Room

Use Essences

  • Weapon
  • Shield or Quiver
  • Helmet
  • Body Armor
  • Gloves
  • Boots
  • Ring
  • Amulets
  • Belt

Defeat these Act Bosses II

  • Act 6: Tsoagoth, The Brine King
  • Act 7: Arakaali, Spinner of Shadows
  • Act 8: Lunaris, Eternal Moon and Solaris, Eternal Sun
  • Act 9: The Depraved Trinity
  • Act 10: Kitava, the Insatiable

Defeat Delirium Monsters

  • Normal (0/1,000)
  • Magic (0/500)
  • Rare (0/100)

Defeat the Conquerors of the Atlas

  • Baran, The Crusader
  • Veritania, The Redeemer
  • Al-Hezmin, The Hunter
  • Drox, The Warlord
  • Sirus, Awakener of Worlds

Complete Vendor Recipes

  • Cartographer’s Chisel
  • Orb of Chance
  • Chaos Orb
  • Sextant
  • Vaal Orb
  • Blight Oil
  • Catalyst
  • Itemised Metamorph Sample

Craft Items Using Currency

  • Orb of Transmutation
  • Orb of Alteration
  • Orb of Alchemy
  • Chaos Orb
  • Essence
  • Fossil
  • Catalyst
  • Oil

Turn in Divination Cards

  • Scarab
  • Shaper or Elder Item
  • Six-Linked Item
  • Stack of Currency
  • Two-implicit Unique Item
  • Unique Maps

Complete Encounters III

  • Defeat Lord of the Grey in Belfry Map without being affected by Devouring Darkness
  • Defeat The Brittle Emperor in Wasteland Map while standing in his Consecrated Ground
  • Defeat Nightmare’s Omen in Primordial Pool Map without taking damage from his Blood Projectiles after he has submerged at least twice.
  • Defeat He of Many Pieces in Museum Map while he has at least 15 Chaos Bombs active.

Complete Delirium Encounters II

  • Apply a Delirium Orb to a Map
  • Complete a Rare Map that is affected by a Delirium Orb
  • Complete a Rare Map with maximum Delirium

Use Betrayal Benches

  • Add a Veiled Modifiers to an item
  • Add Quality to Map Item
  • UPgrade a Beachstone
  • Convert an Amulet into a Talisman
  • Add experience to a Gem
  • Transform colour of at least 1 socket to White

Complete Twinned Maps

  • Tier 1 through Tier 16

Complete Delirium Encounters III

  • Banishing Flame
  • Bolt Cross
  • Burrowing Blade
  • Cascading Storm
  • Conflagurating Path
  • Crushing Leap
  • Crushing Terror
  • Diluting Touch
  • Eroding Touch
  • Frozen Flume
  • Glaciator
  • Icicle Wreath
  • Jagged Swell
  • Paralysing Touch
  • Putrify Dead
  • Ring of Fire
  • Scatter Storm
  • Scorched Earth
  • Shatter Dead
  • Shockbomb
  • Spatial Distortion
  • Spawn Dead
  • Vengeful Blast
  • Vengeful Bones
  • Vengeful Chase
  • Vengeful Gang
  • Vengeful Grip
  • Vengeful Pack
  • Vengeful Skyfire
  • Vengeful Soul
  • Vengeful Stalker
  • Vengeful Touch
  • Vengeful Whorl

Complete Unidentified Maps

  • Tier 1 through Tier 16

Achieve Ascension

  • The Labyrinth
  • The Cruel Labyrinth
  • The Merciless Labyrinth
  • The Eternal Labyrinth

Experiment with Cluster Jewels

  • Small Cluster Jewel
  • Medium Cluster Jewel
  • Large Cluster Jewel
  • Rare Cluster Jewel
  • Unique Cluster Jewel
  • Connect a Small Cluster Jewel to a Medium Cluster Jewel which is connected to a Large Cluster Jewel

Complete Encounters IV

  • Open Strongboxes (0/100)
  • Complete Abysses (0/50)
  • Interact with Shrines (0/150)
  • Open Perandus Chests (0/150)

Obtain Rewards from Vaal Side Areas

  • Additional Sacrifice Fragment
  • Leveled Gem
  • Unique Item with 1 Implicit Modifier
  • Unique Item with 2 Implicit Modifiers
  • Fossil
  • Itemised Prophecy
  • Additional Divination Card
  • Incursion Rare Item
  • Additional Vaal Orb

Obtain Rewards from Delirium Encounters

  • 0/19

Complete Encounters while in Mist

  • Defeat an Incursion Architect
  • Defeat a Betrayal Target
  • Defeat a Blight Boss
  • Defeat a Metamorph Boss

Complete Delirium Encounters IV

  • Twinned Map
  • Rare Map at Awakening Level 8
  • Elder Guardian Map
  • Shaper Guardian Map

Explore the Atlas

  • Bonus Objectives (0/140)
  • Awakening Bonus Objectives (0/140)

Reach Level 90

  • Reach level 90. This challenge still counts if you die afterward.

Complete Encounters V

  • Defeat Varhesh, Shimmering Abberation in Terrace Map without becoming Fearful
  • Defeat Enticer of Rot in Spider Forest Map within 5 seconds of Avatar of Rot’s death
  • Defeat Lady Stormflay in Ghetto Map while you are affected by Vulnerability
  • Defeat Piety the Empyrean in Shrine Map while you are affected by Piety’s Rage

Complete Simulacrum I

  • Complete the fifth wave in the Simulacrum
  • Complete the tenth wave in the Simulacrum
  • Complete the fifteenth wave in the Simulacrum
  • Complete the Simulacrum
  • Defeat Omniphobia, Fear Manifest or Kosts, The Revelation in the Simulacrum

Curious Corruption

  • Corrupted Implicit Modifier
  • Two Corrupted Implicit Modifiers
  • Influenced Rare Item
  • Turn a Unique Item into a Rare Item
  • White Socket
  • 6-linked Item
  • Additional Gem Level
  • Additional Gem Quality
  • Vaal Skill Gem
  • 8-modifiers on a Rare Map
  • Additional Map Tier
  • Unidentified Map
  • Vaal Temple Map
  • Unique Jewel
  • 30% Quality

Complete Encounters VI

  • Defeat a Possessed Rogue Exile
  • Exchange Perandus Coins with Cadiro Perandus (0/5000)
  • Defeat a Bestiary Boss
  • Defeat Atziri in the Temple of Atzoatl

Defeat Map Bosses

  • Defeat Map Bosses while they are under the effects of Delirium

Complete Unique Maps

  • Acton’s Nightmare
  • Caer Blaidd, Wolfpack’s Den
  • Death and Taxes
  • Doryani’s Machinarium
  • Hall of Grandmasters
  • Hallowed Ground
  • Maelstrom of Chaos
  • Mao Kun
  • Oba’s Cursed Trove
  • Olmec’s Sanctum
  • Perandus Manor
  • Pillars of Arun
  • Poorjoy’s Asylum
  • The Coward’s Trial
  • The Putrid Cloister
  • The Twilight Temple
  • The Vinktar Square
  • Vaults of Atziri
  • Whakawalrua Tuahu

Complete the Epilogue Questline

  • Picking up the pieces
  • Chasing a Dream
  • The Elderslayers
  • The Crusader
  • The Warlord
  • The Redeemer
  • The Hunter
  • The Awakener of Worlds

Complete Simulacrum II

  • Complete a wave of monsters which spawns two bosses in the Simulacrum
  • Obtain a Rampage Streak of 300 in the Simulacrum
  • Complete wave of monsters in the Simulacrum (0/100)

Complete Deadly Encounters

  • Uber Elder
  • High Templar Venarius in The Cortex
  • Domain of Timeless Conflict
  • Mastermind at an area level of 83

Leave to Chance

  • Use Orbs of Chance resulting in 10 of the 12 outcomes:
    • Magic Weapon
    • Magic Strongbox
    • Magic Map
    • Magic Jewel
    • Rare Weapon
    • Rare Strongbox
    • Rare Map
    • Rare Jewel
    • Unique Weapon
    • Unique Strongbox
    • Unique Map
    • Unique Jewel

Complete Endgame Grinds

  • Level 100
  • Complete Delve Encounters at an area level of 80 or higher in the Azurite Mine (0/500)
  • Cleanse Darkshrines in the Endgame Labyrinth (0/400)
  • Complete Blighted Maps (0/50)
  • Defeat Conquerors of the Atlas (0/100)
  • Defeat waves of monsters in the Simulacrum (0/750)

Path of Exile: Delirium Rewards

Here’s a list of this league’s Challenge rewards, which you receive for completing a set number of the challenges listed above.

Delirium Horns – 12 Challenges

Delirium Cloak – 24 Challenges

Delirium Wings – 36 Challenges

Delirium Challenger Trophy (19-40 Challenges)

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