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Outriders Class Tier List

Image via Square Enix/People Can Fly

At the tail end of February, Square Enix released a demo version for their upcoming shooter/RPG, Outriders. In the demo version, you can try any of the game’s four classes and level them up to level 7. Not especially high, but more than enough to determine who’s got the best chops. We’ve still got a good few weeks before the game releases for realsies on April 1st, so to help you prepare, here’s an Outriders class tier list.

Outriders Class Tier List


Starting with the best class, the Trickster is a fantastic choice for both solo and co-op players. The Trickster’s shtick is the ability to manipulate space and time. They don’t have much in the way of long-range tactics, necessitating you to get up close and personal with most foes, but with the abilities to teleport away or freeze enemies in time, you’ll find it’s not especially difficult to distance yourself from a scrap in a hurry. As long as you’re a proactive sort who doesn’t mind throwing themselves headfirst into danger (and then quickly exiting), you can quickly wipe a group of enemies as you blink all over the place. It’s fun and practical!


Another close-range, solo and co-op compatible class, the Devastator is a dyed-in-the-wool tank. Cover is a completely foreign concept to the Devastator; just get right out there and start sucking up bullets, all while disrupting enemy patterns with earthquakes and stalagmites. Due to a slightly diminished damage-dealing capability, the Devastator may be slightly better in a group than solo. You can run it solo, provided you don’t mind fights dragging out a bit.


While no pushover, the Technomancer can’t really show his full potential without a group. As a hybrid long-range/support class, it’s the Technomancer’s job to hang on the back lines and provide healing and boosts to teammates. A variety of turrets and gadgets do a good job of aiding allies and suppressing enemies, and any damage you deal out is returned to you as health, but that only helps if you’re dealing more damage than you’re taking. A Technomancer really shines when there are a couple of front-liners to take some of the heat off.


Speaking of heat, the Pyromancer is only at the bottom of the list here because it’s a very circumstantial class. The Pyromancer is all about territory control, conjuring pillars and waves of fire to flash-fry foes. However, what the Pyromancer has in strength, it loses in durability, as it’s something of a glass cannon without a group to support it. A Pyromancer requires a very specific mindset, someone who can juggle an entire battlefield without losing track of themselves within it. Setting dudes on fire is plenty fun, but it’s less fun when you can’t take the heat yourself.

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