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How to Defeat the Chrysaloid in Outriders

How to Defeat the Chrysaloid in Outriders
Image via Square Enix

When a caterpillar enters a chrysalis to become a butterfly, it reduces itself into a kind of DNA soup before solidifying into the pretty flutterer we all know. So, theoretically speaking, what would happen if that caterpillar were exposed to a burst of mysterious radiation while it was all soupy? Well, I’d imagine you get something like the Chrysaloid in Outriders. Here’s how to defeat the Chrysaloid in Outriders.

The Chrysaloid is the head honcho of the Forest Enclave, a towering insectoid monstrosity roughly the size of a small skyscraper. Against this monster, you most likely outclassed and outgunned, but it’s standing in the way of your progression, so it’s gonna have to die. Before you even set foot near this thing, though, you’re gonna want to prepare some special equipment.

How to Defeat the Chrysaloid in Outriders

Because the Chrysaloid is so gigantic, close-range weapons like shotguns are not a good idea. You want to stay as far away from this thing as possible, so pack a good LMG or assault rifle that can deal solid damage from medium to long-range. If you’re a Technomancer, you’ll have an edge in this fight if you use life-stealing skills, though a weapon with the same functionality will suffice as well. The Chrysaloid’s attacks deal large swaths of damage, so you’ll need to be able to recover quickly while keeping up the heat. Finally, make sure to unequip any skills that require close proximity, and to equip anything that can either provide you extra defense or slow enemies. This’ll be important later.

The fight itself is a two-phase affair. For the first phase, the Chrysaloid will pursue you through a rocky cavern, taking swipes at you and hurling projectiles. These attacks will be telegraphed by large red warning zones on the ground, so as long as you stay out of the warning zone, you’ll be fine. When the Chrysaloid winds up a big laser attack, take cover behind one of the large rocks to stay safe. While you’re dodging and covering, you should be constantly attacking its weak point: a large red pustule hanging off of its midsection.

In phase two, the fight will switch to a large, empty basin, with all of the cover points removed. The good news is that most of the Chrysaloid’s attacks can still be avoided just by staying out of the red zones. The big beam, however, can’t be dodged, and you have no rocks to hide behind, so to avoid that, you’ll need to move closer to the Chrysaloid so the beam shoots over your head. Keep shooting the red spot on its torso, as well as additional red spots on its shoulders, and eventually, the Chrysaloid will spawn some Strix to attack you. These flying pests will peck your eyes out if you leave them be, so put the Chrysaloid on hold while you deal with them. Those slowing skills will be especially helpful here.

When the minions are dealt with, just go back to shooting those red spots, and soon enough, the Chrysaloid will topple over.

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