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Best Pyromancer Build for Leveling in Outriders

Best Pyromancer Build for Leveling in Outriders

One of the most fun classes to play in Outriders is the pyro. Destroying enemies with fire and incendiary rounds never gets boring, and this class can dish out some heavy damage with the right build. Here’s one of the best Pyromancer builds for leveling in Outriders

Best Pyromancer Build for Leveling in Outriders

Below we’ll go over one of the best Pyromancer builds for leveling up quickly in Outriders, including taking a look at the class tree, the best skills, best weapons and armor, mods, and attributes.

Best Pyromancer Leveling Class Tree

We recommend selecting most of the class skills on the top of the tree, the Ash Breaker specialty. Here are some good ones to pick:

  • Ashes to Ashes: Every time Ash afflicts an enemy, Vulnerable status is inflicted as well.
  • Trial of the Ashes: Enemies afflicted with Ash receive 30% more damage.
  • Trial of the Ashes: Enemies afflicted with Ash receive 10% more damage.
  • Incinerate: The moment Burn ends on an enemy, inflict Ash status.
  • Assault Master or Sniper Master: Increase your [weapon type] damage by 20%.

These are the essentials for a build that focuses on volcanic rounds and heavy fire damage. You can mix and match the others, but be sure to pick these and then focus on specs depending on your weapon type of choice. 

Best Skills for Pyromancer Leveling

Like all the classes in Outriders, the Pyromance has eight total skills, three of which you can put on your action bar at any given time. In terms of what’s best, one of the essential skills is Heatwave. This skill summons a fiery wave that deals fire damage and inflict burn onto all enemies in its path.

Next up, Volcanic Rounds is a heavy hitter that comes in clutch. Volanic Rounds fills your current weapon’s magazine with incendiary bullets that ignite the air around enemies and inflict Burn onto them. If the bullet hits, it causes skill damage and pierces the target, damaging others behind them. The skill lasts until you either reload or switch weapons.

Finally, Ash Blast is a solid third choice. It creates an Anomaly blast to inflict Ash onto all enemies within a large radius around you. Using all three of these in conjunction with one another can obliterate any enemies in your path. 

Feel free to experiment with other skills because a big part of this game is how you like to play your character. You may prefer running something like F.A.S.E.R. Beam and Eruption, for instance.

Best Weapons, Armor, and Mods for Pyromancer

When it comes to weapons, you’ll want to use something with a high ammo count because of the Volcanic Rounds skill. Good options for mobbing include Light Machineguns, Assault Rifles, or double guns. For bosses, you’ll probably want an auto shotgun because they do massive amounts of damage in the game’s current state. Ash Blast and Heatwave contribute significantly to the enormous damage output of shotguns. 

In the early game, there are some mods you’ll want to make sure you get on your armor pieces. For the Heatwave skill, good mods include Ride the Wave, which allows the skill to be activated another time. Tidal Wave does the same thing, but it’s a different modifier, so you can actually stack these to get three uses out of Heatwave. Lastly, Burnt-Out is another big damage booster, as it makes damaged enemies take 25% more damage for 8 seconds. You’ll likely use these modifiers early game until you unlock some of the better mods.

When you get Volcanic Rounds, go with the Extra Mag mod. Volcanic Rounds end when you reload, so this essentially doubles the length of time it’s active. Ash Increase Range is another mod to pay attention to if you use Ash Blast because it increases its range by a lot.

In general, you’ll want to pick up the Bullet Kindling mod for a guaranteed extra 20% more damage against enemies afflicted by Burn. As you can imagine, enemies are almost always under that effect. 

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