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One Piece Treasure Cruise Best Characters Tier List (August 2022)

Pick these heroes in OPTC!
One Piece Treasure Cruise
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This is the One Piece Treasure Cruise best characters tier list. We don’t feel like we need to explain, but we will anyway. One Piece is about a boy named D. Luffy who wants nothing more than to be a pirate king with his own crew. He longs to do pirate things like robbing and looting other ships. But you don’t start out at the top. You need to earn it.

One Piece Treasure Cruise has over 2,000 heroes to choose from to build your ideal 6-person party. But with thousands of heroes, who do you pick to make your best pirate crew?

One Piece Treasure Cruise Best Characters Tier List

The kicker here is that you do not fight with weapons. You fight with your hands and with special allotted skills. The different heroes have different skills you can stack to make the ideal pirate crew. In case you are struggling, here are the best characters from OPTC.

SSS Tier

Carrot, A Mystical White Sulong
Charlotte Katakuri, A Real Man’s Fight
Monkey D. Luffy, Gear 4 – Snakeman
Whitebeard/Marco, The Fierce Battle at the Paramount War
Get these heroes at all costs

SS Tier

Capone “Gang” Bege, “Yonko Assassination Plan” Allied Forces
Garuda Vinsmoke Judge, Germa 66 Science Military Force
Inuarashi/Nekomamushi, Antagonistic Kings of Day and Night
Kuzan, Decisive Deadly Battle
Lucy, Corrida Colosseum Champion
Luffy/Ace, Pirates Rising
Red Hair Shanks, Yonko Changing the Fate of the World
Sabo, Straw Hat Luffy’s Ally
Sakazuki, Decisive Deadly Battle
Vinsmoke Sanji, Germa Kingdom’s Savior
Whitebeard, Voiceless Rage
Almost perfect, minor flaws

S Tier

Big Mom, Emperor Suffering from Hunger Pangs
Boa Hancock, Strawhat Luffy’s Supporter
Charlotte Katakuri, Big Mom Pirates 3 Sweet Commanders
Heavenly Demon Doflamingo, Ruler of the Bird Cage
Kami Enel, Return to “Fairy Vearth”
Nami, Cat Burglar Decieving the “New World”
Shirahoshi, Promised Reunion
Not the best but darn useful

Tier A

Magellan, Hell’s Judgement
Nami, The Cat Burglar Deceiving the World
Nico Robin, Archaeologist Revealing the Void Century
Shirahoshi-hime, Ryugu Kingdom Princess
These are the worst of the best

If you follow this handy One Piece Treasure Cruise guide, you will have the best crew the seven seas have ever seen. This will be another tier list we will constantly update so check back on the regs!

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