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When Will Mineko’s Night Market Be Released? Answered

Is Mineko's Night Market finally here?
Mineko's Night Market Water Landscape
Image via Meowza Games/Humble Games

Mineko’s Night Market is an adorable Japanese-inspired game all about collecting loveable cats and going on wild adventures! If you love unexpectedly mysterious storylines and breathtakingly charming artwork, you need to check out this game. This game has been in production for years, but it might finally be released this year!

Mineko’s Night Market was originally announced in August 2018 by Meowza Games and was supposed to be released in early 2019. Obviously, that never happened. Meowza Games admitted to some setbacks in development, but promised that Mineko’s Night Market would be coming out within the next few years while they perfected its gameplay. Now that it’s 2022, Mineko’s Night Market may finally be coming to Nintendo Switch and PC!

When Will Mineko’s Night Market Be Released?

Mineko’s Night Market should, thankfully, be making an appearance soon. This game has been in production since 2018, but has had multiple delays, recently due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Fans of the game have been assured that the game is on its way, however. Although an official release date hasn’t been established, Mineko’s Night Market should be coming to Nintendo Switch and PC sometime in 2022! This game will more than likely come out in Fall or Winter of this year.

What is Mineko’s Night Market About?

Mineko's Night Market Trailer Screenshot
Image vis Meowza Games/Humble Games

This game has oodles of crafting, adventuring, minigames, and more! Mineko’s Night Market is about a young girl, Mineko, who has moved to a charming Japanese-inspired island. The island is beautiful, but it has secretly been struggling for many years. You get to play as Mineko to attempt to uncover the secrets of the island and its inhabitants, and try to restore her new home to its former glory!

There are long-told myths coming back from the grave on the island, spread far and wide by the superstitious locals. It’s up to Mineko to get to the bottom of the strange sightings and rumors in her mystifying new home! The only thing that makes this mysterious island paradise even better is the innumerable amount of cats that inhabit it. Cats are everywhere in this game, so cat lovers are sure to love this game and all of its friendly felines! If you love games like Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley, you’ll love Mineko’s Night Market!

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