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Top 10 Games Set In Ancient Greece

Top 10 games for people who love ancient Greece and Greek mythology.
Assassin's Creed Odyssey
Image Via Ubisoft Québec

One of the most beloved times in all of history and one of the most influential times in all history has proven to be Ancient Greece. From changes in government to philosophy, literature and theater, music and dance, science and technology, art and architecture, and religion, Ancient Greece became a foundation to our world today. In addition, there has been a revival of interest in the Greek Gods, showcasing in all forms of media, including video games. So! Whether you’re interested in the logic or emotion, the tragedy or comedy, or the Gods themselves, here are 10 Games Set In Ancient Greece.

Top 10 Games Set In Ancient Greece

Age Of Mythology: Extended Edition

Age Of Mythology
Image via Xbox Game Studios

Age Of Mythology is a real-time strategy game and this is the remastered version of the 2002 release and takes inspiration from the myth and legends of the Greek gods. The main story follows Arkantos as he hunts down a cyclops who is in league with Poseidon. As the Atlantean admiral, you gather resources, build armies, and take does the enemies.


Image via Alientrap

Available on Playstation 4, this game has a unique style based on Ancient Greek pottery. It’s a 2D narrative that follows a hero making their way through Greek Mythology. You play as Nikandreos, a warrior (who has help from the goddess Hera) and you use various weapons on the Ancient Greeks.

Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey

Assassin's Creed: Odyssey - Kassandra
Image via Ubisoft

This is a game that mixes both true history of Ancient Greek life and many parts of Greek Mythology. For example, you get to speak to Socrates a few times while also going up against a Cyclops. Not only do you get to fight along side other warriors in the Spartan vs Athenian war, but you also can influence who has control via your chosen assassinations.

God Of War Series

God of War PC Port
Image via Sony Interactive Entertainment

Up until the most recent release and the sequel Ragnarock, all of the God Of War games took place interacting with the Greek Patheon. A Spartan warrior, Kratos, turns into the God Of War himself, after being tricked by Ares. This series features such places as Athens, Rhodes, Attica, the Underworld, and Mount Olympus.


Image via Supergiant Games

A fan favorite, Hades is a rouge-like, hack and slash action, dungeon crawler. Hades actually refers to the place – also known as the Underworld, because you play as Zagreus (the son of the Greek God Hades). As Zagerus you attempt to escape from the Underworld and reach Mount Olympus, your journey often helped by gifts given to him by Olympians.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

How Long to Beat Horizon Forbidden West
Image via Sony Interactive Entertainment

In an apocalyptic world where machines have overrun everything and have become increasingly aggressive, you play as the hunter Aloy. On your journey, you are intertwined with the “Old Ones” – who just so happen to be some of the Greek Gods. It’s an open-world game with a lot of playstyle options.

Immortals: Fenyx Rising

Immortals: Fenyx Rising
Image via Ubisoft

Prometheus narrates this story to Zeus, telling the tale of Fenyx who has to stop the evil Typhon (who escaped from the Underworld). As you adventure through the world there are seven regions inspired by various Greek Gods. It’s up to you to not only save your brother, save the world, but also save Zeus.

Kid Icarus

Kid Icarus
Image via Nintendo

This Nintendo game is set in a fantasy world called “Angel Land”, which is inspired by Greek Antiquity and Mythology. To save this world, the main character Pit, must find the three sacred treasures. After traveling through levels you must fight each of the boss monsters that guard the treasures.


Image via Hi-Rez Studios

A free-to-play, team-based game, it’s available on most systems. You control a god/goddess (or other mythological creatures) to take part in combat. Continuously player-versus-player, there are many characters to choose from and tournaments to compete in.

Total War Saga: Troy

Is A Total War Saga Troy Multiplayer?
Image via Sega

Another turn-based strategy game, it is set during the Trojan War. You have to control infantry, hero units, and mystical beasts as you take place in real-time battles. While you progress though, you also get to build relationships and get benefits from the Greek Gods.

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