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Obby but You’re a Cube Codes (January, 2023)

A code for a cube?
Obby but You're a Cube Art with a cubey smile
Image via Komeri Cube

Quite possibly one of the most exciting games on the Roblox platform of user-created content is Komeri Cube’s own Obby but You’re a Cube. With fantastic obstacle courses and an adorable cube to customize, there’s really just a fun atmosphere to it all. But what if things could be even better?

Well, Obby but You’re a Cube actually allows players to get some great in-game freebies all for the price of a code entry. Players can unlock extra coins so that they can put them to good use and unlock even more fantastic customization options for their little cube. So, let’s check out those codes!

Obby but You’re a Cube Codes List

Obby but You’re a Cube Codes (Working)

  • yellowcube – Unlocks: 600 coins
  • 100kMEMBERS – Unlocks: 800 coins
  • CHEDDARCHEESE – Unlocks: 650 coins
  • stage4arduous – Unlocks: 800 coins
  • 25KSUPERFANS – Unlocks: 750 coins
  • towerofcube – Unlocks: 600 coins

Obby but You’re a Cube Codes (Expired)

  • 1MHAT

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How to redeem server codes in Obby but You’re a Cube

Obby but You're a Cube Codes Screen
Image via Roblox

In order to redeem codes in Obby but You’re a Cube, players need to click the Twitter icon on the right of the screen labeled “Codes”. Once that’s clicked, players can copy and paste codes into the code box that appears on-screen and select Submit in order to redeem their code for the reward it offers.

How can you get more Obby but You’re a Cube codes?

If you’re looking to get new codes, consider joining the Obby but You’re a Cube Discord server, as new codes are posted there. Codes are also posted in the game’s description on Roblox as well, giving players an easy shot at some freebies.

Why are my Obby but You’re a Cube codes not working?

Your code may not be working if it’s expired or incorrectly entered into the code box. Make sure that your characters match what’s on our site, as the codes are sensitive to this. It’s best to copy and paste codes into the game from this page.

How to Earn Group Rewards in Obby but You’re a Cube?

Players that join the Komeri Cube group on Roblox can earn in-game rewards for free. Once you join, you’ll be able to engage in a Daily Reward game that will give you free coins for cosmetic items. You can enter the game from the hub world or by the Reward icon on the right side of the screen under the Code icon.

What is Obby but You’re a Cube?

Obby but You’re a Cube is an adorable obstacle course game where players have the added difficulty of playing as a cube, making it tougher to get around. There’s a great multiplayer layer to it so that friends can engage in these courses together. It’s a leisurely game without much competition or danger in the slightest, making it a great title to play and just to your brain off with.

Be sure to check out even more of our Roblox code resources, located on our dedicated Roblox codes page for even more in-game freebies! And don’t forget to like Gamer Journalist on Facebook for updates on all codes!

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