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Where to find Tadpoles in New World

Between the seventeen professions available in New World, fishing is undoubtedly one of the more relaxing activities. There are various fish you can catch in Aeturnum in the freshwater and saltwater bodies of water. A few different factors influence what types of fish will bite, including the location, the bait, and your level. And, depending on your missions from the Town Project board, you’ll probably be after some specific types of fish. That’s why we made this guide on where to find Tadpoles in New World, one of the more elusive creatures you can fish up in the waters.

There’s a good chance you will come across a quest from the Town Project board asking to acquire some Salmon or Tadpoles. If you haven’t done much fishing, that may lead you to wonder where to find Tadpoles in New World. Well, not to worry, we’re about to explain everything you need to know down below.

If you’re still figuring out the basics, you can check out our guide on where to get a fishing pole and how to fish in New World. That will guide you through the first steps and help you get your first free fishing pole to learn the ropes.

New World Tadpoles

Where to find Tadpoles in New World

To find Tadpoles in New World, you will need to fish in some freshwater like a river or pond. Here are the requirements you’ll need to consider to catch a Tadpole:

  • Fishing Area: Level 1+
  • Character Level: 20+
  • Water Type: Fresh Water
  • Bait: Woodlouse Bait
  • Fishing Pole: Treated Wood Fishing Pole
  • Cast: Deep

The fishing area, character level, bait, and fishing pole listed above are what I used to find a Tadpole. That does not mean you can’t find a Tadpole at other locations, character levels, or using different items. One thing that is probably true is that you can only find Tadpoles in Fresh Water using an appropriate Fresh Water Bait like Woodlouse.

In my example, my Fishing Trade Skill was only level 6, and I was fishing at the small river next to Windsward. I was using a Treated Wood Fishing Pole, and my character level was 21. Tadpoles are a Tier 3 Uncommon item, which means they are rather rare. It may take you a while to find one since luck plays a big factor.

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