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Where to find Starmetal in New World

These are the best locations to find Starmetal in New World.
Where to find Starmetal in New World

Starmetal deposits are a mid to endgame ore type that you can find all over Aeternum. You can’t mine it until your skills are high enough, but once you get there, it’s well worth the time. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find Starmetal in New World, including some of the best farming areas and places to level your mining.

Starmetal is one of the various metal ores you can mine in New World, and it’s a requirement for crafting Tier II, Tier III, and Tier IV items. You will need a mining level of 100 to start mining Starmetal, so you can focus on Iron, Silver, and Gold ore to get your skill to the appropriate level.

While we will be covering the primary Starmetal locations in New World in this guide, you can check the interactive New World map for a higher-level overview.

New World Starmetal Locations

The best locations to find Starmetal in New World are:

  • Brightwood
  • Mourningdale
  • Great Cleave


Brightwood is not the greatest spot for resource gathering in general, but there are three locations dense in Starmetal deposits. The three best spots for Starmetal in Brightwood are:

  1. Bronzegrove
  2. East of Brightwatch
  3. Iron Bend


The first spot is near the Azoth Tree in southeast Brightwood, in an area known as Bronzegrove. There are five Starmetal nodes located in and out of the cave near the tree. The cave is quite dark, so you should be able to identify the glowing Starmetal deposits quickly.

East of Brightwatch

East of Brightwatch, and southeast of the Cathedral de Vasquez, is a very mountainous region of Brightwood. It is in these mountains where you can find dozens of Starmetal deposits ripe for mining.

Iron Bend

West of Brightwatch is a Spirit Shrine and an outpost by the name of Fort Alazar. The general area is known as Iron Bend, and you can find lots of metal deposits in the mountains just outside the wooden walls. There are a few Starmetal nodes in this area of Iron Bend.


Mourningdale, aside from Great Cleave, is the best zone for Starmetal in New World. It is a level 45 to 50 area, so you’ll need to way until the mid-game to be able to farm up some Starmetal here. Most players won’t have their mining up to the appropriate level until this point, anyway.

There are too many Starmetal locations to list, so you can refer to the map below and figure out a convenient area for you.

Great Cleave

Last but not least is the Great Cleave zone, another 41-50 region in New World, and a hotspot for Starmetal deposits. If you find yourself in this zone looking for Starmetal, you won’t have to look very far. Follow the edge of the rocks from north to south, and you’ll find a clump of Starmetal nodes every minute or two.

There you have it, three prime zones to find Starmetal in New World. Remember, you need to be mining level 100 to be able to swing that pickaxe at a Starmetal deposit. Aim for 100 mining at a minimum while you are between level 30 to 40. Otherwise, you will start to fall behind and be unable to take advantage of all these locations.

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