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How to catch a large salmon in New World

Fishing is one of the more relaxing trade skills you can do in Amazon Games’ New World MMO. You can reel in all sorts of fish, but one of the more elusive and in-demand fish is the large salmon. The town project boards will often give you a quest to retrieve anywhere from one to three of them. Rather than abandon the quest, we’ll show you how to catch a large salmon in New World with no problem.   

If you’re new to fishing, you may want to check out the basics about how to get a fishing rod and how to fish. That way, you at least know the bare minimum. 

How to catch a large salmon in New World

To catch a large salmon in New World, you can go to any freshwater fishing spot in Everfall and Windsward. No bait is required, and there is no level or fishing rod type requirement. Large salmon are very rare, though, so it is highly dependent on luck. Using the following setup, I reeled in a few Large Salmon:

  • Fishing Area: Everfall
  • Water Type: Fresh Water
  • Bait: No bait
  • Fishing Rod: Treated Wood Fishing Pole
  • Cast: Shallow
Large Salmon Fishing Area New World
Fishing Spot: Stolen Shores, Northwest Everfall

Keep in mind that large salmon is likely readily available in many other territories. You can catch some by Master Fisher Shields, Fisherman’s Bend, and more locations. The above territories are simply where I personally caught them, so you know it’s a guaranteed possibility.

Large Salmon can be salvaged into food with a chance of acquiring fish oil. It falls into the Raw Foods/Fish ingredient type, so you can use it in any recipe that requires that.

One final thing to consider is whether or not it’s actually worth completing the town project board mission to retrieve large salmon. It would help if you weighed your opportunity cost. The chances are that it will likely take you between ten minutes to several hours to catch just one Large Salmon. So, if the quest asks for any more than that, it’s probably not worth your time. 

If you want to see what other fish are out there, we have a guide on catching Tadpoles that you may find useful, including an example location and setup.

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