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How to Fast Travel and Recall in New World

Learn how to fast travel and how the recall system works New World!
How to Fast Travel and Recall in New World

Like in many other MMORPG games, players can fast travel to towns and recall back to their home in New World. It’s a valuable tool to know how to use, especially considering how vast the world of Aeturnum is in this game. New World sort of reinvents the fast travel system, introducing a type of resource known as Azoth to give you more than one way to get around Aeturnum. Here’s our guide on how to fast Travel and recall in New World.

How to Fast Travel and Recall in New World

There are three different ways to fast Travel in New World:

  1. Recall to Inn
  2. Fast Travel using Azoth
  3. Teleport to your House


To recall in New World, open your map (M key), and hover your mouse over any major settlement. If you have checked in at that settlement’s inn, you will have the option to Recall to Inn

How to fast travel in New World - Recall to Inn

Using your recall is a helpful mechanic, allowing players to teleport back to an Inn at any settlement. The caveat is that you must check-in at the Inn in the town before you can recall back there. There is also a one-hour cooldown on using your recall, so use it wisely. You may find it efficient to recall if you are completing quests that lead you far away from where you need to turn them in. 

Fast Travel

To Fast Travel in New World, open your map (M key) while inside any settlement, outpost, or spirit shrine. Hover your mouse over any other settlement, outpost, or spirit shrine, and choose the option to Fast Travel.

How to fast travel in New World - Fast Travel Azoth

The second method of fast traveling is by acquiring and using Azoth to jump between settlements. There are two requirements for fast traveling using Azoth. First, you must be inside a settlement, outpost, or spirit shrine to use the fast travel option. Second, you need to have some Azoth available to use, as it costs varying amounts to travel around. The quantity of Azoth you need to Fast Travel varies depending on if your faction owns a territory or not, and how many items you’re carrying in your bags.

Note that Fast Travel comes at a cost. If you are on an active PvP mission and you Fast Travel, you will fail the mission. Second, there’s an encumbrance cost, a base cost, and potentially a distance cost associated with Fast Traveling. 


The last option of fast traveling is through owning a house. You will be able to teleport back to your house if you own one in any settlement. Houses require a territory standing of 10 or higher, depending on the area. Owning a house also costs a decent amount of gold, so start saving now if you plan to get one in the future.

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