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How to flag yourself for PVP in New World

New World PVP

While some players love PVE and RP in their MMOs, others live for the PVP action. Having PVP and PVE is a delicate balance, and game developers have different strategies for achieving this balance. New Worlds’ approach gives users the ability to enter in and out of PVP by flagging themselves for combat. There are no PVP or PVE specific servers. Everyone plays together, and you choose when to enable PVP for yourself or not. Here is how to flag yourself for PVP in New World.

How to flag yourself for PVP in New World

Flagging yourself for PVP in New World is simple. First, you will want to make sure you join one of the three factions, Covenant, Mauraders, or the Syndicate. Once you have joined a faction, you will gain the ability to flag yourself of PVP. You can only enable and disable PVP while you’re in town. While in town, you will notice a new icon on the bottom left-hand side of your screen. It will be your faction symbol with two swords. Hitting “U” will enable you for PVP, and hitting it again will disable it. If the swords are crossed, you have PVP enabled. If they are parallel, you are safe. 

There is no PVP while inside the town, so even if you enabled your PVP flag, you will not be able to fight anyone until you exit whatever settlement you are in. When leaving a settlement, there will be a 30-second cooldown until PVP is enabled. The cooldown helps you not get ganked immediately and gives you a little warning if you forgot that your PVP flag is on.

Remember that you can only enable/disable your PVP flag when you are in town, so if you venture out far and meet some other PVPers, you won’t be able just to disable your flag on the spot. If you are going to group with your friends to perform PVP Faction missions, make sure you are flagged for PVP before putting the group together. 

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