Motion Twin Looks to Bring Accessibility Options to Dead Cells
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Motion Twin Looks to Bring Accessibility Options to Dead Cells

To help the game be more accessible to as many players as possible
Dead Cells Accessibility

Dead Cells was released in Early Access in 2017 before its full release in 2018 across PC and console. The game is a roguelike with permadeath so it is more difficult than most games. This difficulty may be what turns some people away from the game, especially if they may suffer from a disability. To make the game as accessible to as many players as possible, developer Motion Twin has reached out on Twitter to see how accessibility in Dead Cells could improve.

Motion Twin Looking to Make Dead Cells More Accessible

In a tweet posted this morning, Motion Twin said that they were looking to make Dead Cells more accessible to players and wanted feedback as to how. We’re doing our own research,” the tweet said, “but the best way to figure out what we’re missing is an open dialogue with the players.” The suggestions that have been made so far include adjusting font and color size, adjusting the color palette for color blindness, enabling auto-hit, adjusting the contrast of the background, and increasing the UI size.

This tweet comes two weeks after the game’s final DLC, The Queen and The Sea, was released. More developers are starting to implement accessibility options into their games. Mainstream games such as Last of Us Part II and Ratchet & Clank: A Rift Apart have been praised for accessibility, which may be what inspired Motion Twin to explore their options.

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