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Best Aspects in Dead Cells

Time to break the game
short list of aspects from dead cells

Aspects have been around in Dead Cells for a while now. With each new DLC and version update, they are a fun mechanic to come back to and experiment with in your runs. Aspects can range from being somewhat effective but not much of a game changer to almost making you virtually invincible depending on how good you are. Here we will only be covering the best Aspects in Dead Cells. There are 13 aspects in all so we’ve chosen a top 6 that are most likely to make a once extremely difficult Dead Cell run feel like a walk in the park.

Keep in mind that you can only use one Aspect at a time. So none of these effects could ever double up.

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Top 6 Best Aspects

6. Superconductor

Superconductor creates Electric DoTs that rapidly bounce back and forth to nearby enemies. The damage increases by 50% every time they jump on a new target. This is a really good boost to already one of the strongest elemental attacks in the game. Electric damage is sometimes rare and always very powerful on its own. This Aspect just guarantees you’re clearing the room quite quickly.

5. Grenadier

Speaking of clearing the room, Grenadier allows your grenades to reset their cooldown instantly after each enemy kills with a grenade. You can spam grenades practically everywhere this way, however, keep in mind the kills are not guaranteed and you may not get every shot in. However for most areas in the game you pretty much never have to worry about lower-level enemies ever again.

4. Damned

With the Damned Aspect, cursed chests’ spawn rate is doubled. Curses don’t kill you ever, but damage both dealt and received is doubled. Damned has to be used very correctly. However, once you master it, it might be better than some of the higher-listed Aspects. Damned is paired well with many cursed items but with the Cursed Sword equipped, it will likely make you feel invincible.

3. Assassin

Assassin gives you the ability to instantly kill the first non-boss enemy you attack while you are invisible. While Invisibility isn’t always guaranteed, you’re expected to run this aspect with the Predator mutation. Depending on how good you are with your precision and aim, this combination will make you virtually one-shot kill everything in your runs except bosses.

2. Blood Drinker

Blood Drink allows you to heal 3% of your max health when hitting a bleeding target. You’re basically a vampire and therefore quite immortal if you’re using the right weapon. Equipped with the Blood Sword and you may actually never lose health the entire run. The only issue is that healing only applies with melee attacks and if you’re not careful you may not get to heal fast enough.

1. Relentless

Relentless does actually quite literally make you invincible. You are invincible if you have HP that can be recovered. You also deal bonus damage proportionate to the amount of HP you are still missing. This means if you take either the Vampierism power skill or Recovery mutation, taking a hit or two allows you to just sweep through enemies without worry of death until you are fully recovered. In addition to not being able to die, your damage can double or more as well. While Blood Drinker allows you to never really lose health, Relentless makes you more indestructible and powerful by just losing a bit of health that you’re going to recover anyways.

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