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How to Get All Outfits in Dead Cells Return to Castlevania DLC

You have outfits to use for the entire month! Almost.
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A new DLC can oftentimes bring just a couple of missions, two or more skins, and maybe some easter eggs. Return of Castlevania is another thing entirely. I mean, what would you expect from one of the most beloved video game franchises in history? No, not Big Rigs, Castlevania! And not only do we get to visit Dracula’s Castle and fight the king vampire itself, but we also have countless outfits to collect. With that being said, here is how to get all outfits in Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania.

How to Get All Outfits in Dead Cells Return to Castlevania

There are a total of 20 outfits available for you in the Return to Castlevania DLC for Dead Cells. If it isn’t obvious, all of these outfits are based on Castlevania characters and its lore. Most of them just need you to play the DLC naturally, however, there are some clarifications to be done. Most of the outfits you will find in Return to Castlevania are rewards for defeating either Death or Dracula.

There are a total of six outfits for each of them. One for each of them is awarded by defeating either boss without taking any damage (the Flawless variant). For the rest of the Death and Dracula outfits, you will get them for each Boss Stem Cells difficulty. Five difficulty levels, five battles for each boss, 10 outfits, 2 flawless outfits, 12 in total. The rest of them will be obtained in other circumstances that are described below.

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All Outfits and How to Get Them in Return to Castlevania

OutfitDescriptionHow to Get
Alucard OutfitRegal vestments, worthy of the Dark Lord’s son himself.Meet Alucard in the Master’s Keep from the Clock Room after beating Death for the first time.
Cold Death OutfitFeel the cold grasp of Death around your neck!Drops from Death.
Death OutfitIt comes for us allDrops from Death.
Doctor Dracula OutfitDracula reportedly spent a few months in Nepal in a strange temple and came back with this sentient cloak of levitation.Drops from Dracula – Final Form.
Dracula OutfitDark Lord, Prince of Darkness, Demon King, Master of the Castle, Vlad Å¢epeÅŸ, Mathias Cronqvist,… the original owner of this cape has had many names across the ages.Drops from Dracula – Final Form
Edgy Death OutfitDrop dead!Drops from Death.
Flawless Death OutfitDefeating Death is no simple feat. Doing so unscathed is an almost impossible prowess.Defeat Death without taking any damage.
Flawless Dracula OutfitA reward worthy only of the most skilled vampire hunters.Defeat Dracula – Final Form without taking any damage.
Haunted Armor OutfitThis kind of ornamental armor is not comfortable at all. It’s almost as if you weren’t alone inside it.Dropped from Armor Knight (1.7% drop chance).
Hector OutfitHe kept his Devil Forgemaster garments even after defectingDropped from Dire Werewolf (1.7% drop chance).
Maria OutfitCovered in cat fur and dove feathers. Allergy sufferers beware!Interact with Maria Renard in the Castle Outskirts after getting the Ribboned Key from Byakko to unlock the room she is being kept.
Mathias Cronqvist OutfitWhen he was still human, Dracula cursed God for taking his beloved Elisabetha from him.Drops from Dracula – Final Form.
Pompous Dracula OutfitEvening garments destined for the most decadent receptions organised by the Master of the Castle.Drops from Dracula – Final Form.
Red Death OutfitDon’t look under her mask.Drops from Death.
Richter OutfitRipping off your coat’s sleeves is indeed a way to move around more easily. Not the most logical one, though.Free Richter during your run in Dracula’s Castle. Do another run, find the cage he was imprisoned in, and interact with it. You will play as Richter for the remainder of the run. Once done, you will unlock the outfit.
Simon OutfitThis short outfit is made to help its wearer to bend their legs and arms, including while jumping.Found in a Lore Room in Dracula’s Castle, after defeating Death, and in the Clock Tower area.
Spectral Death OutfitYou can’t feel her, but she’s there alright.Drops from Death.
Sypha OutfitTraditional robes worn by the witches of the Belnades clan.Found in a Lore Room at the Master’s Keep just before fighting with Dracula.
Trevor OutfitThe clothes of the most revengeful of all Belmonts. Don’t call him Trevy or he could hate you even more than he hates Dracula.Found in a Lore Room at the Master’s Keep just before fighting with Dracula.
Vigilante Dracula OutfitYou either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain, apparently.Drops from Dracula – Final Form.

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And there you go! As you can imagine, you will have to at least run the DLC 6 times to get all of the costumes in the game. And that is just an approximate calculation based on the 6 boss outfits and hoping you do get a flawless boss battle at least in two of them. Oh well, it will take more than that. Have a good one!

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