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Who is the Most Expensive Player in FIFA 21?

Who is the most expensive player in FIFA 21

FIFA is the perfect game to help showcase the variety of stars that compete worldwide and give us a glimpse into the sort of lives they live and the pressures they face. One mode that exudes these pressures more than others is FIFA’s Ultimate Team. However, with so many skilled superstars available to be bought or traded for, it leaves many wondering, “who is the most expensive player in FIFA 21?”

Who are FIFA 21’s Most Expensive Players?

There are a variety of big-time names at the top of the market, with the top 3 most expensive players in FIFA 21’s Ultimate Team mode being: 

  1. Ronaldo 96 ST (13.7 million coins): Ronaldo’s 96 rated card is one of the rarest cards in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. It is also one of the least packed cards available. Because this card is so rare, and since Ronaldo is one of the game’s best players, FIFA gamers will need to cough up 13 million coins for a card! 
  2. TOTY Christiano Ronaldo 98 ST (9.09 million coins): Christiano Ronaldo’s TOTY card is the 2nd most expensive card in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, as it has seven in-game stats that are maxed out at 99. This CR7 model is built to win every header, and decision play with a 99 heading, and 99 jumping. He also carries top-level speed (98), premium balance (80), and optimal strength (90). Unfortunately, due to the overwhelming difference in talent, and raw power, this card is not only rare, but also one of the most expensive cards in FIFA 21.
  3. Ruud Gullit 94 CF (8.6 million coins): This is the highest-rated Gullit card in the game and easily the most adaptable player in FIFA’s Ultimate Team. The Gullit 94′ card comes with world-class defensive traits and is more equipped on both sides of the field. He plays with tremendous intensity, carrying an 80 rating in interceptions and a 95-shot power! He plays highly aggressive football, guaranteeing you to win nearly every physical battle, and if he gets one off on the net, lookout. Unfortunately, for all of these bells and whistles, you will have to pay a very high price tag of 8.6 million coins. 
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